The breakthrough in LED lighting lighting in food

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

with the continuous development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, application field is constantly expanding, and recently appeared on the market of LED lamps and lanterns lighting research and application in food.

at the moment, the supermarket of fresh foods especially cooked food, cold food, generally USES fluorescent lighting. The traditional lighting system of high quantity of heat can cause damage of meat and meat products, and will water vapor condensation is formed within the plastic packaging. In addition, the use of fluorescent lighting often let the elderly customers feel dazzling, so that they cannot see food. Recently, German researchers developed a new type of high brightness LED food uniform lighting technology, the technology of LED lighting and reflection technology integration, will be very good food lighting solution. It is reported that researchers have developed two demonstration plant.

a: anti glare and uniform lighting

the researchers used a highly efficient, high brightness LED light source, lighting surface was achieved by reflecting surface reflection without the glare of the expected effect. Now, researchers have developed high reflection efficiency of aluminum coating on the surface of the reflection lighting demonstration demonstration equipment, the lighting effects to achieve uniform illumination optical requirements. Using this technique the vegetables, meat and baked food can be uniform illumination, real reaction food natural color.

2: intelligent lighting control device

the researchers have developed a LED lighting intelligent control device. Through monitoring sensor vegetables, meat, or baked food color spectrum of western Sydney. According to the changes of the radiation spectrum, real-time adjustment of light intensity in order to achieve the best lighting effect.

in the next phase, the researchers will focus on how to integrate these two devices, design a new lighting technology products with the function of the above-mentioned two aspects. The study by the German federal actuarial-oriented & other; HIREFLED” The support of the joint research project. German francois hoff institute of laser technology and Alanod Alux - Three companies such as LuxarundBaero jointly participated in the project research and development.

if the study is successful, use the LED lighting instead of the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, will make the food shelf life extension, makes the color of the food more real, more conducive to customers to choose food. With the research of LED lighting, LED lighting the advantage of more and more, believe that LED lighting to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns is not far from the popularity of time will in all fields.

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