The cause of the karst cave landscape design using LED project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

the cause of the karst cave landscape design using LED project-light lamp, high strength die-casting aluminum material, appearance anti-aging electrostatic pensu disposal, consecrated themselves, corrosion resistant ability is strong. Toughened glass cover, high strength, impact resistance, applicable to complex geographical environment. Lamps and lanterns is configurable monochromatic RGB, lighting effects, color pure. Light color stability, mutations have good stability, is suitable for variable lighting effects, add galleries interested in sex. A variety of Angle lens design, meet different environmental request.

life can reach 20000 hours. Appropriate for large flood lighting, building lighting, etc. High purity aluminum reflector, beam accurately, reflective effect is better. Symmetrical narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric light distribution system. Behind open to change the light bulb, the maintenance troublesome. Adjust the Angle of reflected lamps and lanterns index plate lunch are provided.

in the cave, cave or filling flow model fillings, leaking seriously, or connect to rivers, adopt the above method is invalid, can adopt steel liners to follow the law construction. Cave development of lighting design: steel liners to follow the law is a punching, side liners, the high and the vibration sinking to has to drill into the hole or within the cave, to block caverns plastic fillings or water activities, facilitate drilling construction (1) protecting tube diameter is set within the site according to the number of pile hole through a big water-eroded cave, certainly in protecting tube series, each level, the protection tube diameter increase within 0. 2 m, protecting tube diameter is greater than the inside diameter smaller level 0. 2m. To ensure the stiffness of inner liners, avoid compression deformation, steel liners with the 10 mm steel plate. Sinking in the liners, from big to small, classification of successive subsidence to stop. Liners, the first big holes, sinking large drill holes, sinking again small liners. If 1 layer through the cave, the level 1 inner liners, every increase 1 layer of karst cave, increase in grade 1 inner liners. (2) the protection of tube length is inside tube length is, protecting tube length l = h + 3 ( m) ( H for advance geological drill must cave height) , if the liners too long section can be divided into the sink, in orifice welding connection.

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