The cause of the LED lights manufacturer to introduce LED bulbs dimmed

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

LED lighting manufacturer to introduce LED filament bulb dimmed reason?

a, LED product itself quality problem:

1, the LED chip physique is bad, the brightness decay rapidly.

2, the deficiency in the production process, the LED chip heat dissipation can't good derived from PIN feet, cause the LED chip temperature chip failure

two, one, or some LED burn out.

a lot of leds grouped in parallel, such as 60 LED lights can be divided into three groups, each group of 20 series, when a set is a LED burn out, the group all the LED is not bright, but the other group of LED lights are still lit, due to less a set of LED lights, the whole LED lights dim obviously. The principle is similar to the chart, chart for 4 leds for a set of parallel way, burned one group to other group almost had no effect.

best unwrapped the chimney of LED lights, electricity to observe whether there is no bright LED lamp bead, if any, most likely LED burn out, LED burn out its appearance usually is a little black, the naked eye can be identified. In this case, you need to LED replacement, but the average person will not have the ready-made lighting LED lamp bead, buy also pretty trouble, lamp bead not a few money, freight is expensive! If only one or two burning can use 150 & Omega; About resistance to replace, if a group of more than 20 LED lights series, LED a burned directly can also short, almost no impact.

3. Heat dissipation problems lead to products,

there are brick in production technology, the LED chip heat dissipation is not ji good derived from PIN feet, attenuation, cause the LED chip temperature chip LED lighting since birth has been solve the problem of heat dissipation, which is why the product cooling components and the main original solid shell adopts aluminium village. Solution of soil heat dissipation problem is to improve the LED life and reduce the main hand Yin droop, is also the most obvious effect. Four, chip

chip is LED lamps and lanterns of the luminous body, so when the chip damage will make the brightness of the LED lamp is abate, also is what we call light dark hair, serious can lead to the LED lamp is not bright. And acquisitive using intact import COB highlight chips, from the source to reduce the light failure, of uniform light and comfortable, more transparent and bright, long service life and quality assurance for three years.

5, RongZu step-down circuit capacitance metamorphism.

RongZu pressurized circuit consists of a capacitor and resistor in parallel, the capacitance of capacitive reactance Xc = 1/2 & PI; FC, & PI; For constant about 3. 14, f is the frequency of the alternating current, 220 v ac 50 hz, C is the capacity of capacitance. When the capacity of capacitance value variable hours, capacitive reactance will get bigger, cause RongZu total impedance of the circuit, and the pressure drop, leading to the back-end LED voltage on the low side, so that the LED dimming.

summary: some of the reasons for LED products light failure, the key still hot problems, although many vendors in the secondary products with a special focus on the cooling problem, use for a long time, but these secondary LED product will droop degree higher than pay attention to the heat dissipation of LED products. LED chip itself, the influence of thermal resistance, silver glue, substrate cooling effect, and colloid gold thread and also have a connection with light failure.

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