The characteristics of led project-light lamp use

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

led project-light lamp is suitable for the markers, stadium, square, trees and billboards, parking lot, building external wall and other places. The material surface treatment for aluminum alloy die-casting molding electrostatic spraying, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant coating selection lamp body light source integration planning, compact structure, small volume application imported high purity aluminum reflector, a variety of reflective surface planning, constitute the different requirements of light distribution, high light efficiency, glare, light source can be according to customer demand, to carry on the equipment.

project-light lamp is made of LED lighting integrated technology, and then according to the characteristics of the LED semiconductor light-emitting, wonderful planning and common appearance of illumination of circuit can save energy more than 80%, the real reached the high efficiency of energy saving effect. Outdoor led project-light lamp long service life, reached nearly 50000 hours, such as low temperature, high temperature and other special environment conditions are good to use.

so dealt with semiconductor led project-light lamp electric light source in the field of lighting power is low, the brightness of these problems, shows the outstanding ultra-high brightness characteristics. Don't need a ballast, without starting difficulty problem, over current, over voltage, short circuit, temperature, surge maintenance, its lighting optical performance than 75 w / 400 w / 1000 w metal halide lamp is brighter, more perfect.

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