The development prospects of LED lighting in 2012

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

LED lighting lamps and lanterns is only a short few years time, but because of her inherent properties, various countries attention again soon, we gradually from excessive for the LED lighting age a fluorescent lamp. Bulb for human brings light in the darkness, in a few more than one hundred years of time, our lighting lamps and lanterns has experienced several revolutionary period.

first of all, in 1879, Edison invented incandescent lamp has changed our world, even in the United States on October 21, 1931, darken a minute to honor Edison. That day night, even the torch of liberty carrying out. But few people know, incandescent filament need to fever and then you can shine at work, most of the energy consumption in the heating, increasingly need to cool the earth, society is more and more advocate low carbon environmental protection environment, the invention of the incandescent lamp this great also came to the last stage of the historical mission. As a result of the energy utilization rate is extremely low, not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, all countries in the world begin to phase out incandescent light bulb.

and then, in 1938, the American general electronics company iman invented the energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent phosphors rely on electronic impact after glow, there is no consumption of energy waste on fever, utilization of electrical energy than incandescent bulbs had the very big enhancement. But the fluorescent lights containing mercury and lead, has great harm to the human body and environment, still do not meet the demand of the sustainable development.

along with the advance of technology, energy saving and environmental protection of a new generation of LED lighting technology begin to enter people's vision. LED light-emitting diodes, power can be directly into the light, it solved the problems of the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, its energy utilization rate is higher than fluorescent light, at the same time also will not produce harmful substances to the environment, can be said to be the future light of choice.

in the 21st century, the LED industry high speed development, global LED output in 2010 for $15 billion; Global photovoltaic industry output value decline about 6% in 2011, while the LED industry also jointly and severally, but global LED encapsulation and lighting output is still not good contrarian, reached $16. 7 billion, the annual growth rate reached 11%. According to the association for the advancement of photoelectric ( PIDA) Analysis, the forecast this year LED lighting market demand, combined with TV backlight driving GDP growth will be in the second half of the obvious, so this year in output growth rate could reach 10%, continue to maintain the high speed development. At the same time, the global LED market scale has been expanded.

with the development speed, comprehensive build market LED lighting to replace fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp is only a matter of time, LED lighting have the advantage of the present stage for the future lighting lamps and lanterns is the direction of development.

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