The difference between the energy-saving light bulbs and LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-09-25

lamp, whether at home or outside, let's all is no stranger to it, but if I would let's go home today to do one thing, look at your home what is light bulb light bulb? You will find it really is a headache problem. That take the general energy-saving lamps and LED lights to compare, and they have what different, together and see it!

what is the difference between energy-saving lamps and LED lights?

a at different levels, the energy conservation

LED lamp is very popular now, LED energy saving province electricity high brightness in people's heart is synonymous with, we all know that LED lights to save electricity, or heard of, but why? Data, the result is very bright. Incandescent lamp general common power is 100 w, common power is 15 watts energy-saving lamps, LED lights common power is 5 w. Due to the difference of energy-saving lamps and LED principle, resolution of their luminous efficiency is different, and different brands of light bulbs, because the quality is different, luminous efficiency is also different. In comparison, LED luminous efficiency is significantly higher than that of energy-saving lamps, basically, to achieve a different times.

2, different cooling sex

LED energy saving province electricity, so it's less calorific value. Install LED filament bulb will not have the risk of spontaneous combustion. Poor quality of high-power energy-saving bulb fever is very serious, heat dissipation function owe good cases even it is bad to roast reflective bowl, compared with led lights, its risk is higher.

three, different temperature

under the condition of use for a long time, the two kinds of light bulbs will be fever, high temperature will droop, energy-saving lamps light up big bright hot will happen, and LED cold light source, the heat is smaller than energy-saving lamps a lot, so the LED light failure than energy-saving lamps.

small make up above is brief leds are introduced and the difference between energy-saving light bulbs, understand this, briefly some selected in buying? Because leds in the time is not long, maybe someone will not really familiar with led lights, and then small make up together and see it!

the advantage of LED

as early as in 2008, LED by the spring breeze of the Beijing Olympic Games a big fire, the second and third year LED lamp has already entered the ordinary people. Led lights several times compared to energy-saving light bulbs, save electricity, data is very intuitive, and healthier, live longer. Energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp for things to be eliminated, not environmental protection and energy saving, the LED can be in the same wattage to achieve better effect.

so let's at the time of purchase lamps and lanterns, be sure to pay attention and careful investigation, should consider their use before buy, hope we can go to the comfort of my own to buy LED lights, let your life more comfortable, has a quality. If the home is to use energy-efficient light bulbs, can quickly replace the LED light bulbs.

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