The domestic market is the new hope of LED lighting enterprise

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

LED lighting market after the export boom in 2010, in 2011, LED lighting exports ushered in a long time of trough. The main reason is affected by the foreign economic environment, but it's a cold winter will also affect the export sales this year, there has been a lot of manufacturer after another failure case, LED lighting industry ushered in the winter, manufacturers are difficult to maintain.

take the upcoming 17th this year guangzhou international lighting fair exhibitors, although area increased by 10% than last year, a record high, but the number is reduced by more than 2900 to 2600. Compared to the same period of last year. Europe and the United States three to fifty percent drop in orders of the situation is quite common in the industry. This year the export situation of LED lighting is more steep, so to speak. There is no doubt that the domestic market is a way out to save the LED lighting industry.

contrast this situation of export and domestic market, but on the contrary, in 2012, a year of rapid development of domestic LED lighting, as consumer familiarity of LED lighting is more and more high, the use of LED lighting products are more and more consumers. Due to the LED lighting energy saving effect is remarkable, make numerous electricity giant companies use LED lighting and huge economic benefits, which makes the LED lighting market recognition is higher and higher. 2012 will be LED lighting in the blossoming period, so in 2013? The period of the fruit in 2013 will be charged. That factory seeding more this year, that manufacturers will occupy the bigger market.

in the surveying of land science and technology this year plans to set up agents in all parts of the country, to build their own brands, let's enjoy next year's harvest the fruit.

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