The four types of LED outdoor lighting engineering solutions

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

1。 Types of advertising:

three dynamically in the large outdoor billboard design, shop front door head design, new and colorful neon lights advertising signs design and neon lighting rendering design, three-dimensional design and production of acrylic blister luminous word, liquid resin perfect led light-emitting character design, a new type of pressure/acrylic blister light boxes, ultra-thin rolling in dynamic light box design and manufacturing, glass steel/stainless steel box design and special shape advertising light box design production, stainless steel - Aluminum alloy - Copper - Metal sign guidance system, sign design and production, LED digital tube dynamic signature ( The LED tube) , LED billboard display, print color screen, the latest energy-saving LED electronic sign construction installation.

2。 Decoration types:

some LED lights decoration decoration design and construction, large indoor full color LED decorative lighting system ( Including the LED bar dazzle colour screen, LED stage background music dazzle colour screen, the light bulb screen colorful display wall, screen wall lights, music, colorful wall, a digital dynamic music color wall screen, full-color LED digital color tube wall, the wall motion dream, dynamic display and advertising effect) To undertake all kinds of LED outdoor lighting project.

3。 Rope type:

some of the buildings, the building, river, streets, Bridges, roads, squares, landscape lighting, building lighting standard specification, engineering, and outdoor lighting, LED lighting engineering design, construction scheme of city night view engineering, LED lighting design. Water curtain, laser music fountain, landscape sculpture, garden greening, bridge parapet, the building outline, lake scenic spot, community building lighting project construction, sports venues flood lighting design, lighting design layout and other environmental planning design and construction.

4。 Electronic type:

manufacturers design and installation of indoor LED monochrome screen information, double colors electronic screen, full-color video screen. Outdoor LED large screen, full-color LED display, there are three colors multimedia screen, and lattice electronic display screen, LED electronic screen, wireless traffic-induced screen, electronic subtitle screen, some screen, kanban, time Zhong Bing, securities exchange rates, interest rates screen, LED type article small screen/screen, asynchronous/synchronous display screen, electronic bus stop, line up your turn music systems, LED screen, and outdoor television advertising screen, ring type LED electronic display screen manufacturers, etc.

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