The government subsidy scheme applied to the first commercial LED lighting products

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

by male thought LED indoor lighting area for the future development of an important aspect, since the first commercial LED the market since the 1960 s, in the LED lighting inside trade went through a process from cognitive to adopt. Along with the modern trade development, LED lighting is applied in more and more industries, indoor lighting trade also become the indispensable element of development.

growing calls for energy conservation and emissions reduction, trade enterprises because of its own more sensitive to power capital, the government also more strict with the enterprise energy conservation and emissions reduction, for use in the field of trade are more positive, more energy-efficient lighting products.

LED trade since the lumens per capital ( 美元/ lm) Fell about 20% a year, and from the point of data in recent years, brightness and asset decline has accelerated the trend of promotion. According to the U. S. department of energy (doe), white LED encapsulation of capital will be from 2009 lumens 25 $/ KLM, down to 2015 $2 / KLM, homogeneous asset decline in more than 30% a year, and 2010 - 2012, a drop of nearly 40% per year. With analysis thought, 2011 - 2012 will be a price decline in the fastest time LED and traditional lighting, LED indoor lighting penetration seepage rate will have a leap in the meantime, growth.

LED lighting products to replace the first in the field of trade, after get strong demonstration effect, and then gradually spread to domestic lighting field. At present, the LED lighting to replace traditional fluorescent response still exist in domestic gap, but get government support projects, commercial areas been rapid development momentum. According to people familiar with the matter, the Ministry of Finance will be in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission head part to the semiconductor lighting products such as subsidies, will first start lighting products for indoor lighting and trade subsidies, canister light, shoot the light, then gradually expand the scope of subsidies and.

it is reported that the national scale change governance committee has completed 23 LED national standard for work, the personage inside course of study says, it has cleared the scale for the subsidies of the implementation of the environmental barriers. The early subsidies for energy-saving lamps and LED lighting mutual promotion, and then gradually expand the LED and the proportion of the shares, share and compression energy-saving lamps subsidies.

is subsidies have more leverage the leverage of market application. According to people familiar with the matter, & other This will not only promote the primary market of semiconductor lighting application, and can drive the lighting to start the second and third line market trade. ”

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