The Japanese government decided to incandescent light bulbs ahead of time 'retired'

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

in recent years, LED lights because the energy advantage obviously, in the Japanese market gradually replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs. But due to a serious shortage of power supply in the summer of 2012, the government has to ban incandescent bulbs production and marketing. Fine, the environment minister wild hao chi, economy, trade and industry minister branch in male in yesterday, 12) Issued a joint statement said, in response to the electric power shortage situation this summer, all electrical appliances suppliers must immediately stop the production, sales of incandescent bulbs, and vigorously promote the LED filament bulb. Hair under the provisions in 2008, the Japanese government for incandescent bulbs must withdraw from the market by 2012. But due to the power supply or this summer will be 15% of the gap, the Japanese government decided to incandescent bulbs in advance & other; Retired & throughout; Time.

according to the calculation of energy economics research institute, Japan LED lamp power consumption for one 5 of the incandescent light bulb, but life is almost 40 times of incandescent bulbs. Look from the data in recent 10 years, sales of incandescent bulbs fell by 75%, and the LED bulbs is increased by 1200%. An incandescent bulb has gradually withdrew from the historical stage.

fine wild environment minister, said this summer power gap is very big, want to take this opportunity to let the incandescent light bulb disappear from the market.

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