The lamp that shield an eye eye really really no stroboscopic LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

the lamp that shield an eye eye really really no stroboscopic LED filament bulb? Today go to the supermarket to see the inside of the supermarket lamps are a diverse group, Lin Lin. Written on the eye, all sorts of preach, the lamp that shield an eye eye really? LED filament bulb is there really no flash frequency?

little L today first talk about the effect of the lamp that shield an eye.

now, people in the read and write is generally use desk lamp, the desk lamp is in the modern family shall be no less lighting. It is mainly the lights gathered in a small area, easy to work and study. According to statistics, Chinese students uniform every day about 2 & ndash; Three hours is spent under the lamp, and the interval of the brain and desk lamp & ndash; Only 30 a 40 centimeters, and the world health organization testing statement said the lamp that shield an eye at high frequency radiation value of 40 ut, 400 ut.

this value is much higher than the national standard of 0. 12UT。 That is to say children are nearly interval overruns radiation for three hours a day, accumulated nearly 1000 hours a year. Experts noted that the teen brain did not develop sophisticated, so for a long time can lead to mental impairment. But because our country elementary and middle school students too much homework, nearly interval to write for a long time, it increased with eye fatigue, promote the vision. According to statistics, sixty-six percent of the primary and middle school students in China suffer from varying degrees of myopia, so if you want to maintain eyesight, choose the desk lamp of how, is let's face the problem in the first place.

let's answer the question asked the Lord, what is & other; No stroboscopic & throughout; 吗? From a professional point of view, & other; No stroboscopic & throughout; Is to develop the name & other; Can't detect the stroboscopic & throughout; , according to the China quality certification center for reading and writing assignment desk lamp & other Stroboscopic & throughout; Requirements, & other; Shake the depth & throughout; Measure desk lamp & other; Stroboscopic & throughout; The standard values.

the so-called & other; The lamp that shield an eye & throughout; In fact just a concept of hype. To maintain the child's vision, choose a general desk lamp, not as good as real from the light source brightness, color, these three aspects to measure.

the lamp on the table, look at the lighting area is not large enough. Assumes that the lamp according to an area, apparently do not accord with standard of our country. See the light again, if is a little and looks very ugly also owe good. Light surface is larger, relative bigger softer more evenly.

in addition to don't create excessive gathered outside light source, the brightness of the lamp in 300 - the best control 500 lumens, such as the height of the desk lamp interval desktop 60 centimeters, choose 60 tile of the brightness of the light bulb. Other, desk lamp in general use in the evening, so try to choose warm, close to the incandescent light.

now, the LED desk lamp is very popular. If choose the LED desk lamp, must choose a chimney. Directly out of desk lamp it dazzle dazzle light contains reflected light is more serious. Now most of the lamp, it has been led by diffuse scattering optical chimney, so it came out of the light can do more evenly. Finally, give us a reminder: the choose and buy of China quality certification center (as far as is possible CQC) The desk lamp of certification. Else, open the lamp, the best headlight also opened the room, to prevent the surrounding environment is too dark. Otherwise, the person eye pupil need constantly regulate to habit brightness, the environment.

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