The LED channel construction rush of avoid by all means

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

' Channel is king, brave ahead & throughout; 。 This sentence in the ten years of traditional lighting enterprise development is the validation, and other LED lights manufacturer that embrace the principle of channels to sprint. After the two or three years on and off, however, LED lighting enterprise channel construction most failed or ineffective, why? Changes in the cost of terminal accept degree is low, fast should be the main reason.

in terms of channel construction, we have been trying to go project traders, dealers, e-commerce, designers and other channels. This year, we mount the LED business according to project, wait for after the completion of product line gradually will dare to try water LED monopoly channel, and the pace is very cautious. First is expensive, though only establish five stores in the developed area, but the upfront costs alone more than 800 ten thousand yuan. The second is just the horse dealer didn't form according to the scale effect, other systems also need to gradually improve. And if establishing a holding, the aim of a successful, accelerated is not blind.

in fact, LED channel is not rocket science, and the traditional areas of the lighting, the LED lighting channels can be divided into: engineering ( Stealth) Channels and circulation ( Distribution) Channel. Engineering channel customers are mostly government, hotels, villas and so on, companies often plays & other; Comprehensive services & throughout; Role, needs to coordinate project traders, designers, construction companies, and many other relations, as it goes.

the disadvantage of this schema is scattered, money collecting period is long, etc. Circulation channels need to use distribution, agents, joined the partners, so as to realize the goal of comprehensive control of terminal customers. The advantage of this model is to quickly layout, product network & other; Blossoming & throughout; , the rapid occupation of consumption. The disadvantage is that the dealer's profitability and loyalty can't control, if not enough allure of the investment promotion policies, or there is no profit in the short term, after joining dealers to evacuate or fight back is also a common phenomenon.

now, LED energy-saving lamp enterprises lack of experience in channel construction, low awareness, the type less, the price on the high side, merchants are not familiar with technology of LED products, brand loyalty is not high, after-sales service system has not yet formed, and a series of short board. So, I think the LED channel construction rush of avoid by all means, otherwise more haste, less speed.

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