The LED industry PCB will continue to rise in price

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

according to the market news, since the first quarter of 2017, the PCB industry from upstream equipment factory, raw material factory to downstream manufacturers have off-season not light.

a is for the use of automotive electronic vehicle plate increases, the proportion of 0. 5 square meters of copper foil substrate up to 2 square meters; 2 it is alleged in the second half of apples also iPhone8 will use line width, line spacing smaller & quot; Class plate & quot; ( SubstrateLike - PCB, SLP) Technology, it will replace the previous HDIPCB technology.

as the LED lighting permeability in the final rise faster, coupled with the LED display screen demand continues to release small spacing, the market demand, the PCB industry market gradually warming will continue for a long time.

due to compare communication, lithium battery and automobile industry, LED to the technical requirement of the PCB industry is relatively low, at the same time small and medium-sized PCB enterprise reshuffle cause the overall compression capacity, companies generally will be the future capacity betting in communication, lithium battery and automobile industry, which also caused no small impact on the LED industry.

since early 2016 PCB standard copper foil prices have risen more than 50%, copper foil processing fee and effective copper price than the original average above 100% and 50% respectively.

in early November 2016, the original copper prices soared to 48000 yuan/ton, due to the original copper prices rose 26%, increase in the price of electrolytic copper foil impetus by the processing fee is transferred to the original price of copper, electrolytic copper foil overall prices have topped 110000 yuan/ton.

according to the report, said in January 2017, copper foil processing appeared a small price increase.

there are industry companies say, & other; Copper-clad plate production enterprise, the payment only after a change in the past month, intimdating crowd scenes like the arrival of the habit. With cash purchase copper foil and copper foil prices rose by 20 to 30%, still have to line up the order limited supply. ”

sheet transactions generally FangZhang 90 days to 6 months, lithium battery copper foil in demand, some vendors take cash to buy materials, indirect cause prices of vicious competition, in more than 30 years of PCB circuit board industry development is never the thing.

copper foil in the past year the demand, last march, the highest market share, built the deep influence of the largest copper clad companies price increase notice first of all, the board that other merchants began to rise, stimulate the upstream and downstream supply chain also fully follow up.

copper foil supply shortage at the same time also drive the other raw materials rise quickly, say industry news CCL another glass fiber cloth material may have to go to 7 yuan/meters, aluminum plate, has risen more than about 20% of light guide plate, FR - 4 have gained more than 40%, plastic board, plastic pieces to rise by more than 10%, even with the cartons are in cash transactions.

copper foil and copper clad with PCB manufacturers long-term struggle in the underlying, who dreamed for lithium battery was born, this round so rapid and sustained rise in raw material cycle, this boom is more electronic copper foil production into lithium electricity copper foil.

the global electronic copper foil production capacity is 41000 tons per month, which already has more than 8000 tons of production. Japanese companies have withdrawn from as early as three years ago close electronic copper foil factory, switch to high speed board dedicated copper foil, high frequency copper foil, encapsulation of copper foil, soft board dedicated copper foil. On the whole supply chain, there are about twelve thousand tons of electronic copper foil.

at present, whether new or old copper foil copper foil enterprise, all of them already, all is all about lithium battery to the opportunity.

in addition, the communications industry the new demand on the PCB is brewing. According to the world's largest operator of open schedule, 5 g of commercial could further speed up the time.

it is understood that in 2018 winter games in South Korea, the south Korean operator will provide 5 g service in advance. The Verizon has first to determine the 5 g band, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games also provide 5 g business, so it is possible that 5 g commercial speed in advance.

since the 5 gmimo antenna number and complexity are higher than 4 g system of active antenna, so to improve antenna integration, reduce assembly difficulty put forward higher requirements. Also need on the smaller size by integration of a certain power, relative to the 4 g 5 g for thermal conductivity of materials is also put forward higher requirements.

5 g commercial speed is accelerating, relative to 4 g, 5 g, with a higher frequency of rf microwave PCB material of low loss, high integration, high consistency, easy processing and puts forward a new technical requirements.

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