The LED is turned off the light bulb is still dim solution

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

as everybody knows, access a fire YiLingLiangTiao wires on both ends of the lamp, Lantern Festival in normal light. When lights on both ends of the connection wire at the same time, the light not bright, also won't dim or flashing. If on both ends of the lamp and access of the following would happen after the zero line, good quality, light not on the poor quality of lamp and some of the so-called super bright light appears dim or flashing.

why will appear this kind of circumstance? This from the working principle of the LED, the LED is work in the pure state of dc or pulse dc, circuit board of the rectifier circuit first 220 to 220 v ac? 吗? 2 = 310 v dc pulse, and then a direct current pulse pump power components will drop to dozens of v for LED work. In order to prevent the electronic components on the circuit board is not it? The peak voltage breakdown of 2, usually in the input series ac circuits of a high value of resistance to pressure limiting, with the volume of resistance to current limit. Hours when the resistance tolerance, through double switch closed the induction voltage on the zero line, will trigger conduction pump power supply the LED work, because of the zero line induced current is not strong, so the LED in the dim state, this situation is the same as the digital sensor test pencil.

in domestic outfit embedded lines, if it is a total brake, to adopt a single p open a lamp control set of combination, induced current on the zero line will make LED dim light in the environment. If there is only one open, because don't have much zero, so the LED will like cars turn lights flashing.

understand the reason for the improved method, find vendors swaps LED lights. If the lamp is shopping, transfer is not reality, can only increase the resistance of the circuit board on the largest resistance, using three tables to measure the resistance of the gear, increasing the resistance of the resistance is f test 1. 1 to 1. Three times, constant or variable resistor original volume, increase the resistance of LED lamp brightness will drop slightly, the human eye feel not to come out and just yourself.

another method is to use a non-polar capacitors in parallel on the LED, capacitance pressure must be above 660 v, otherwise it will due to the thunderstorm weather outdoor electrical wiring in the lightning, the capacitor breakdown lead to empty the trip.

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