The LED lighting industry at this stage in good condition

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

' Some people's smile, in the life lost; Some people understand the experience of details, quietly enjoy good, secular secure, years static good, bright and beautiful sunny place, so good. ” Recently, weibo micro topic topic & other; Now it's & throughout; Triggered heated debate online, look at the LED lighting industry, LED lighting industry at this stage in good condition.

as incandescent lamp, be & other Teng & throughout; Out of the market for energy-saving lamps and the LED lights are of great development space, and energy-saving lamps and because mercury pollution that is difficult to solve the defects of arrested development, leds have high hopes by the industry.

after the Ministry of Science and Technology recently released the semiconductor lighting technology development & other; Five-year & throughout; Special planning ( Draft) ', put forward to 2015, the semiconductor lighting industry reached 500 billion yuan of target.

one in February, the National Development and Reform Commission ring information department and the Treasury Department, the ministry to entrust to the 2012 China electronics import and export corporation financial subsidies to promote LED lighting products. Add in May, the State Council executive meeting by the national basic public service system and other Five-year & throughout; Programming '. The meeting decided to support a total of 2. 2 billion yuan to promote energy-saving lamps and LED lights.

in occupy half of the LED lighting industry in guangdong, is put forward in March this year all fiscal investment of the construction of the new development area planning, lighting engineering and are used in the field of public lighting LED, LED lighting has been clear about the 3 years of widespread public lighting area, the pearl river delta region took the lead to spend two years to complete. By promoting the implementation of the LED application engineering, by the end of 2015, guangdong province, strive to achieve an annual output value of 500 billion yuan of above. Scheme also implement the financial support and tax incentive policy and its support is greater than the previous state subsidies for energy-saving lighting products.

under the situation of the economic downturn, the Chinese government push heavy stimulus to & other; Steady growth & throughout; , does this not for the LED lighting industry & other It's good & throughout; 吗? Of course, there is no denying the fact that the LED lighting industry still exist, such as excess capacity, homogenized competition triggered a price war, gross margin has been falling, etc. But any emerging industry, the big trend will not change, will surely there are ups and downs in the process of development, the mature industry have experienced the phoenix nirvana and rebirth.

contrast photovoltaic industry, has been shrouded in a variety of halo, will tell from the industry itself, this is not an impossible burden, but in the capital and the local governments instead of love, after some unable to find north, eventually you unawares. And the current situation of the LED lighting industry seem to like the original photovoltaic industry set pampered. But with the photovoltaic industry & other; Experience & throughout; Can go better, I believe that LED lighting industry further. In that case, the LED lighting industry present situation is good.

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