The LED lighting industry for gold for five years

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

' Between 2013 and 2018 will be a gold LED lighting for five years. Therefore, each business owner must seize the opportunity, innovation marketing mode to open up the domestic market. ” This is the Chinese MBA zhongshan homecoming exchange conference of LED lighting industry, heard of guangdong lighting association deputy secretary-general, the lighting director of institute of guangdong Yale for the more than 40 LED lighting lighting enterprises Suggestions from the boss. As said, at present, the LED lighting market as many as ten kinds of marketing channels, however there is a certain risk and almost all old. Stores sales, one of the traditional marketing model, for example, has a long need to customize, time consuming, etc, making enterprises in the capital turnover is struggling to cope with. In addition, many enterprises are think & lsquo; Please star & rsquo; Can enhance the brand image, thus promote product sales. Little imagine, this is a misunderstanding between cognitive enterprise to shape the brand, can reach the effect of brand effect, here we would like to place a big question mark. Thus, how to do marketing channels innovation become the problems to be solved.

LED lighting sales channels flawed innovation marketing mode is of great urgency

with the coming of the era, LED LED technology revolution will change in the near future industry's competitive landscape. Friends said, & other; Today's leds throughout enterprise must learn to look to the future & in pain; ! “ Time with force, heaven and earth to ship it to hero not free & ndash; — LED era, different enterprises of different fate & throughout; Use this sentence to describe 2012 LED enterprise development is not enough. Enterprises want to reverse the fate of the course, have to be flexible and change on marketing, marketing LED lighting, to continue to play new ways will have development outlook, rut or dead move hard set to imitate the ideas of others, is ultimately left behind somebody else's ass trick, the result is always slower than others beat, make lighting business is very difficult to have management improvement. Any lighting enterprise in management must show their own internal kung fu, can create the vitality, this is also one of the main points of the win customers.

in the increasingly fierce competition in the era, what kind of business is likely to encounter setbacks and challenges, but must let oneself to break through the dilemma, not on sale goods at random. At the moment, the owner must take out courage and determination, to strive to find new opportunities in terms of innovation, to reverse the status quo, unsalable goods move quickly.

since this year, because of the influence of the international and domestic economic situation, the domestic LED industry appeared more obvious overcapacity, many management difficulties for LED lighting business. Facing the current difficulties of LED lighting industry, LED lighting enterprises how to break through the bottleneck industry development? Yale thinks, the enterprise in addition to improve the supply chain system, speed up product development, reduce the production cost, increase the degree of mechanization, and marketing personnel's professional, high quality, and to improve enterprise's core competitive ability, and innovative marketing model. To break from the difficulty, innovation marketing mode must be LED lighting industry urgent priority.

brand deposit misperceptions celebrity endorsements icing on the cake is the

a lot of enterprises believe that the star's image and brand image of the product delimit equal-sign, want to choose the way of celebrity endorsements, enterprise's brand image will be improved, the brand image promotion at the same time also can further promote the sales of the product.

however, the concept is the biggest mistake of the cognition of branding enterprises, enterprise wishful think celebrities really bring the brand to a popular star, celebrity endorsements and actually brand image and product sales was not necessarily a causal relationship.

although star endorsement of messy, but the stars appear beside the LED lighting products is very nice, it's hard to say star endorsement is & lsquo; Grandstanding & rsquo; Synonymous with, after all, good product also need appropriate propaganda, star endorsements do the icing on the cake for product sales and promotion is the way.

of course LED lighting enterprise in the choice of celebrity endorsements when also want to straighten your own position, not companies choose the star endorsement will be the price of the product of the corresponding enhancement, enterprise brand celebrities should not over product price, in the star endorsements in promotion and brand construction, not forget that penny wise and pound foolish.

LED lighting market performance of landslide with the aid of network power expand market share

in 2012, the popular 'jiangnan Style' wisely chose to start on youtube, flood surges later on Facebook, Twitter and other social platform rapidly accelerate the dissemination of the marketing mode of the boom.

although said that the current LED enterprise is given priority to with engineering channels, but must go stores circulation channels in the future. Using the power of the network transmission, electronic commerce, the combination of pioneering e-commerce channel is one of the direction of the future flow. E-commerce for LED lighting products is a kind of new channel mode, and according to the national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance, according to survey data through the electronic commerce gradually rising trends of products, enterprises can use the platform to open up new sales channels, occupy more market share. Well-known brand marketing experts hundred hui thinks, online shopping platform and excellent resources integration is expected to become the future trend, the rise of e-commerce, to show the power of the model. But for some industries with abundant capacity, profitability even more than product development mode.

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