The LED lighting industry terminology

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

a novice just touch LED lighting this career, so we need to understand what foundation knowledge, tend to look at some of the data, you don't know him, but he know your posture, compiled some foundation for this term, for us to learn.

flux ( Luminous flux)

本; Space radiation surrounding light source within unit time, and cause the energy of the visual, known as the luminous flux, with symbol & phi; Indicates that the unit of lumen ( lm) 。

intensity of illumination, Luminance)

本; Used to show that is pictured, Point) The strength of the glazing. Projected to be pictured on the flux and the exchanges of the ratio of the area known as the intensity of illumination, below E show with symbol. Units for lux ( lux)

light intensity ( 发光强度)

本; Light source in a particular direction space unit solid Angle, Per steradian) Radiation flux space scale, known as the light source in the direction of luminous intensity ( Light intensity) And use symbols Iθ Indicates that the unit is candela ( cd) 。

brightness ( 亮度)

本; Light the luminous intensity on unit plane in the view direction is called the object appearance of light intensity, L use symbols to show that the unit is nit ( Nita,) 。

color temperature ( 色温)

本; When the light source announced by the light color and & other; Black & throughout; At a certain temperature with the color photograph of radiation, & other; Black & throughout; The temperature becomes the light source color temperature, unit for lumen ( K) 。

color rendering ( 显色指数)

本; About the color of the object level become color rendering, generally called & other; Color rendering index & throughout; ( Ra)

luminous efficiency ( 发光效率)

本; Electric light source of the luminous efficiency in electric power cost 1 w how much lumen flux shows that the flux and the ratio of the power, the flow unit is the watt ( lm / W) 。 Luminous power, the higher the better.

power factor ( 功率因数)

本; The impact on the grid effect, commonly known as the waste of the grid. The higher power factor, the impact is less, the better the results. Useful circuits in power and apparent power ( The product of voltage and current) The ratio of the with PF shows that symbols.

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