The LED lighting industry to encourage promotion is realized by using the market mechanism

by:Sehon     2020-11-08

provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the LED industry development, clear to the LED industry as the key to develop the three big one of strategic emerging industries. In 2011 our province LED output more than 150 billion yuan, for the first in the nation. Application at present, the LED lighting products, is conducive to our province to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction city, benefit to the market promotion of driving the development of strategic emerging industries, conducive to the establishment of the entry criteria to promote orderly LED industry independent innovation and development, and is conducive to through business model innovation to promote the pattern of economic development & other; Soft & throughout; Transformation.

at the same time, zhu xiaodan also stressed that the promotion was a government-led, & other; Smack of pushing administration & throughout; , but the specific operation, or encourage use of contract energy management mode ( EMC mode) , or use of market mechanism. Public lighting around the department in charge of the business must be in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law, as the owner unit according to the requirements of the government procurement and public bidding, choose project implementation main body and application of product. At this point, zhu xiaodan, points out that serious & other; This promotion can be viewed as large government procurement try something new. Here also want to remind, because the amount is very large, continuous time is very long, so must do really tender. Now a lot of problems, the bidding is in the front, so it's very important to the construction of monitoring system. I believe that in the past similar lighting products, bidding there will be a problem. ” He also stressed several times & other; Can promote the LED according to the way of the market to do, but must be supervised throughout the &; 。

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