The LED lighting will be down the road of rapid development

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

now throughout the global LED lighting market, while the domestic market is still in its infancy, chaotic state, but relative to the domestic market and abroad LED market is relatively mature, and have to tell to popularize the momentum of development.

according to the statistics, the LED lighting market compound growth rate of 38% over the next five years, is a fast growing under the following Japan's mature markets, including architectural lighting and commercial lighting applications for consumers' price sensitivity is low, the LED lighting accept degree is higher, popularize the fastest. “ 2011 - Throughout Europe & LED lighting market report in 2015; In 2012, according to data about 31 global LED building lighting lamps and lanterns is the size of the market. 9. 1 billion dollars, which accounts for about 29%, the overall LED lighting market of Europe as the main application market, market about 35% of global LED building lighting lamps and lanterns, the size of the market up to 11. 200 million dollars.

due to a variety of LED light color features, the European countries are willing to invest more money in the promotion of cultural and tourist values of lighting design, to attract more tourists. In the past LED many of use RGB LED as the main use of Color and Color, but in 2011 LED supply far too demand, makes the high power white LED lighting ASP to 35 - year after year 40% price cut, the architectural lighting products on the market, have improved on the acceptance of the white LED, so white LED application in architecture in 2011 has exceeded the proportion of forty percent. In white light rapidly improve the luminous efficiency and rapid price cut, white light began in 2013 is expected to replace RGB/Color as the main building use of Color.

the European lighting market growth stability, lighting manufacturers in the field of construction related nearly to

according to the statistics of German lighting and construction related applications of output up to 11 billion euros per year, from personnel of course of up to 80000 people. If basis at the perimeter of the spare parts of electronic and information industry, can create output value of the euro 65 billion a year, from personnel of course of higher up to 54. 30000.

the European lighting market in 2011 has steadily grown to $18. 9 billion, more than 2010 growth of 10%, among them, the LED lighting market in Europe has breakthrough 20, 2011. More than 800 million dollars. In the next few years by 2012 the eu policy impact on the incandescent light bulb ban, forecasts the market will present the condition of substantial growth. 2011 - Europe between 2015 and the compound annual growth rate for the LED lighting market is expected to reach 38%, will be following the Japanese market, LED lighting under a fast growing mature markets.

watch the European lighting market development in the past, has been a steady growth. Because the market of guest unit price is high, the gross margin is relatively high, is the land of town of lighting manufacturers pay attention to, if you can stand the European lighting market, to master the order of the region and in the field of product certification, technology and quality, is in an impregnable position.

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