The led manufacturer to explain how to choose color temperature of lamps and lanterns

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

color temperature is showed that the light color components contained in a unit of measurement. Theoretically, colour temperature is certainly blackbody from zero (certainly A 273 ℃) The color of the presented began after heating. When heated in bold. Gradually shifted from black red, yellow, white, and declared his blue light. When the temperature of the heated to must blackbody announced that contains the spectral composition of light. Is referred to as the temperature, color temperature measuring unit is & other; K” ( Kelvin) 。 Announced if one light source the light, with a temperature blackbody announced the spectral composition of light contains the same, that is called a K color temperature. Such as the 100 W announced that the color of the light bulb, and must be bold in 2527 ℃ when the color of the same, then the color temperature of light bulb announced is: ( 2527 + 273) K=2800K。 Color temperature is a kind of temperature measure method, commonly used in physics and astronomy, this concept is based on a virtual black objects, when heated to a different temperature announced in different colors of light, the object appears as different colors. Heating is like iron and iron into red first, then a yellow, will eventually become white. Stage lights equipment inside, about the effects of color coloring temperature shows.

use this method to calibrate the color temperature and the general public so as & other; Warm & throughout; And & other Cold & throughout; On the contrary, for example, people will feel red. Orange and yellow are warm, white and blue cooler, and actually the minimum of red color temperature, and then gradually increase the orange, yellow, white and blue, blue is the highest temperature. Photograph the use of natural light, because of the different period of light color temperature is not the same, so the pictures of color is not the same picture. For example, when you take a photo at the clear blue, because the light color temperature is higher, so the photo color slants cold; And if the photo shoots at dusk, because light color temperature is low, so warm color photo. When using artificial light photograph, also can present different light source, take pictures pictures of different colors.

how to locate the color temperature? In general, 10 am to 2 PM at noon, cloudless sky, in the absence of the sun light, specification about the sun in 5200 ~ 5500 k; When the sun rises in the morning probably around 3200 k color temperature; General arrangement to tungsten, one black and white photos use tungsten filament lamp and general general bulb light color temperature around 2800 k; Because the color temperature is low, so in this case take pictures photos will feel color slants yellow KuoYin come out later. And general fluorescent lamp color temperature of about 7200 ~ 8500 k, so take pictures photos can slant green under fluorescent lamp. So now the stage lights equipment general is the use of 3200 k and 5600 k, this can maximum the task take pictures clearly. About different pictures, choose different lights, demanding about taking pictures, to select the gradient color temperature of the lamp.

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