The LED manufacturer to introduce LED bulbs affect vision

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

about LED lighting the lamp harm eyesight now travels more and more fierce, some say long time use the LED will be dizzy, uncomfortable, even harm to eyesight, but also said that because there is no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, so there's no heat, no radiation, will not bring on to the human eye, long time reading or homework doesn't have eyes ache bloated phenomenon.

actually should say so, all the artificial light sources, such as improper use will affect vision, detailed to the LED lights, is a manufacturer to produce products, in the artificial light relative is the highest degree of safety of a group, not a manufacturer produces sold by weight may taobao 2 piece of wallet mail, safety is the lowest in the artificial light.

we are saying blu-ray will constitute a harm to human body, must first blu-ray harm is exist, there are many factory lab light source need to aging test, which at 450 nm, most blue blue hazards vary from person to person, for some sensitive people, high color temperature blu-ray overruns and glare, serious immediately, and for some people may be a little inappropriate, accustomed to spend paragraph of time is not much feeling. But the harm must exist. Of all the artificial light, LED flash index above 80, warm white due to one of the lowest proportion of blue light, are white blue to a below average, also is to say, assume that flash index above 80, LED the blu-ray harm not higher than energy-saving lamps. Was in accordance with the standard LED lights flash index is more than in 80, but now many leds are around 70, 60 more extreme, there is.

at the end of the day is, don't be, now we are LED lights measure standard, most people the only specification is & other; Enough light & throughout; 。 Taobao see light source products, good comments on many treasures, very bright. Already you have all the brightness as the only specification, manufacturer of course happy, because the same chip, do flash index 70 lamp bead, brightness is higher than flash index of 80 at least 10%, and low flash index of capital are lower, for example 2835 lamp bead, you don't require flash index, 3, 4 cents a 60, 26, 7 lumens brightness. Flash index, more than 80, base in 7 8 points a, 24, 5 lumens brightness. If do blink index above 90, foundation should be in 1 5 MAO even higher, 21, 2 lumens brightness. Capital is so flash index is higher, the more expensive and it is doubled, brightness is still falling, is really a good thing after all, the price is expensive, brightness haven't others the same power of a bargain. Can't sell, factory is not willing to do ah, let's have the brightness, then do & other; High brightness of good & throughout; 。

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