The led manufacturer to introduce led lights flashing how to solve

by:Sehon     2020-10-20

with the development of science, more and more high tech intelligent equipment appear in people life, lamps and lanterns is a very important part of in the day, but also follow the development of science and technology of lamps and lanterns and become more intelligent high-tech. Led lighting is a lighting effect is more significant, with the general lamps and lanterns is safer and more energy efficient, but also may encounter when using leds lights flashing phenomenon. When led lights shine to solve quickly, otherwise will leave safe hidden trouble, so, led lights shining how to better? Together see below:

1, the home of the led light will blink after turn off the power supply in general because the power supply first received zero line up, the solution is to change power initially received on the wire of power supply is ok.

2, if also flash after replace the original on the wire. Is to switch the leakage or switch wire of leakage, the tiny leakage into the electronic ballast of energy-saving lamps rectifier energy storage accumulation, conducted an abnormal light work, and repeated cycles.

3, if is only a flash is: because the design of the electronic ballast problem, after turn off the power supply and electronic ballast of still have voltage, when the voltage drops to a certain value, just can make the lamp light.

4, secure quality of energy-saving lamp is not easy to produce the above flash, because in the energy-saving lamp electronic ballast with eliminate residual voltage bleeder resistor, does not meet the voltage or power is shut off or voltage reaches a certain value, the light is not on.

led lights maintenance

1, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, led lights is the toilet, bath and kitchen stove headlights, all want to install the dampproof lampshades, in order to prevent moisture intrusion, prevent corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

2, good led lights don't wash with water, as long as with dry dishcloth touchs water is swabbed can, if accidentally run into water to dry, avoid by all means is swabbed after turn on the light immediately with a damp cloth.

3, the led is not in the desk lamp light of induction switch, delay switch, used in the circuit.

4, prevent applied in high temperature and high humidity environment, led lighting lamps and lanterns is in commonly the environment temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ under the condition of use.

5, the led is mainly internal power drive, suggest that non-professionals don't handling assembled on their own, in order to avoid danger such as attack to get an electric shock.

6, leds metal part can't use the chemical agent, such as polishing powder on the back of the led lighting lamps and lanterns appropriate with dry cloth or duster to clean the dust.

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