The LED manufacturer to introduce the use of LED lights

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

more and more people attention to energy saving and environmental protection products, together with the government's vigorously in esteem. LED because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, long life characteristics, known as the fourth generation & other; Light & throughout; S, has been more and more people know and bear, the development of the market is also very rapid, 10 years ago, I don't know the LED ( Light emitting diode) What is very normal, after 10 years don't know the LED to clarify now already can't keep up with the steps. Leds are very widely used, it can be said that as long as it is demand of local can use LED light to replace, generally can be divided into LED household lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED advertising lighting, LED lighting of agriculture. 。 。 。 。

LED lighting agriculture includes plants, animals, and algae. Now is still the most used on plants, cover plants breeding, growth, flowering, the results of phase. Along with the available land pollution and resource less and less, in the indoor cultivation of vegetables, flowers and plants is increasingly common, and can be anti-season cultivation. Now the technology boom from the bag yesterday weather change modern high-tech agriculture, and the breakthrough point, is that the LED successful use in agriculture.

is now used in the plant's first high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, mostly on several hundred kilowatts, these light sources contain many unnecessary wavelength, their biological low light efficiency, energy consumption is very big, only teens and absorbed by plants, and also in the process of using the harmful gas emission. LED has a narrow wavelength, the light quality of pure, high photosynthetic efficiency, wavelength modulation type is rich, spectral energy is convenient, and low fever, small volume, long life and other prominent advantages, plants to meet the required wavelength equilibrium close to shine. For plant production, highly efficient, low thermal load and the compact space can be completed the intensification of plant production, reduce the use of plant hormones and other chemicals; For physical prevention and control of agricultural pests, can be used in a specific wavelength of the LED light source, to lure and kill pests, reduce pesticide seems to be safe green production. Can provide effective for plant photosynthetic effect. Can reach more than ninety percent of the absorption. LED as a new type of lighting source can be used for agricultural and increasingly being loved.

now most produce LED plant light are doing LED home and commercial lighting manufacturers, thought is the combination of red lincom lighting lamps and lanterns. Actually plant lighting is another topic for discussion, & other; Light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and air & throughout; Is the first environmental conditions needed for plant growth, & other; Light & throughout; Is the most important of these factors. Plant in different stages of the demand for spectrum is different, this is also before researchers important research project, is also a difficult problem in enterprises to solve. LED plant light from shape is currently one of the most panel type, circular, tubes, and shoot the light, the ball bubble. 。 。 。 , most of the existing commercial household lighting shell for red and blue is ok, but this is not a plant lights. LED lamp is to have some special function, to solve the growth of plants, to increase production, shorten the growth period, extending period, from this point of speaking with residential and commercial lighting is a completely different category, so LED plant light not ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns, it is on the basis of plant needs to match & other Diet & throughout; The lamps and lanterns.

the growth of the plants are after photosynthetic effect of organic matter to complete, so light intensity had a great influence on the growth and development of plants, it directly affects the strength of the effect of plant photosynthesis. From the plant classification can be divided into positive and negative plants. Negative light needs 2 - every day 6 hours, and to weak light, positive light needs 12 - every day 16 hours, and the light intensity is stronger, given the strength of the light depends on each cultivation the compensation point of content and saturation point, because each cultivation compensation point and saturation point is different. Light intensity will not below the compensation point will not go beyond its saturation point, when the intensity of the low light compensation point, plants do not grow, yellow leaf. When the light's intensity beyond the saturation point light intensity to add, photosynthetic effect not to add strength. Light intensity is strengthened, can destroy protoplasm, cause chlorophyll breakdown, or make the cell excessive water loss and make the pores close, cause photosynthetic effect weakened, even suspension. Light intensity is weak, the effect of plant photosynthetic production of organic matter less than the consumption of respiratory effects, plants will stop growing. Only when the light intensity can meet the requirements of photosynthetic effect, plants can normal development.

such as pepper and tomato plants belong to the positive, the minimum compensation point to reach 2000 lux effect to its growth and development, under the illumination value, will not grow. So when choosing LED plant light know it best varieties, belongs to the negative is still a positive plants, how much is the compensation point, so you can choose the suitable LED plant light.

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