The LED market is not yet mature, we need to work together to maintain

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

LED lighting into the domestic market is also on this year or two, compared with foreign mature LED lighting market, the domestic LED market hesitation in the chaos of war, has just started the LED is not into the blue ocean, had been reduced to the red sea.

in the domestic market, on the LED lighting market is not mature, due to the country and government's support vigorously, making many small businesses, small workshops have flocked to come in, would like to share on this big cake. Make this is not yet mature market chaos, offer chaos, uneven quality, after-sales service completely failed to keep pace with, such a chaotic market for domestic customers for the LED products, and worry.

how to solve these alluvial disadvantage products LED the market? Seems to have only the national industry standard for LED lighting products, as soon as possible the specification of product quality, to make the present stage at the expense of the quality to get low price distort markets fortunes. If like this for a long time, low prices for consumers not accepted, it will lose faith in LED products, if by that time the government to act, it is too late.

unlike traditional LED lamps and lanterns, what old businesses to traditional product all know some brands, but the LED is new product, the market what good who bad, couldn't identify deferent, also not enough traditional brand to distinguish the stand or fall of leds, not to mention the consumers.

actually present price is already very close to traditional lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns, plus its life with the advantage of energy saving, competitiveness is actually pretty big. But why so low now LED lighting lamps and lanterns of share? Surveying of land science and technology, think this is not the price, is not in the market, but in the heart. Traditional energy-saving lamps and lanterns has taken a certain component in people's minds, and now the chaos of the LED industry nor a good information to consumers, the pace of the LED lamps to replace traditional lamps and lanterns is so slow.

this LED market if continue to fester and consequences, the interaction between the governments and manufacturers, to open the domestic LED lighting, this is the long development, let's say goodbye and inferior LED products.

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