The LED street light space is large, will be universal access to the market

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

in 2012, is China's LED industry is full of opportunities and challenges, how to seek improvement in stability in this year, the pursuit of the sustainable development of a longer period of time seems to be all the more necessary. LED road lighting, though the industry consensus has, how piece still depends on the enterprise's core technology and competitive strength.

for LED street lights, there are few national brands and most is given priority to with regional brand, therefore, for relevant enterprises still have development space. Currently LED lighting applications is still in initial stage of infiltration in the formation of the early stage of the marketing and consumer word-of-mouth effect, therefore the quality of the product is the core of enterprise survival and development foundation.

the LED industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, opportunities are obvious, the challenge is the thousands of LED the vast majority have no core technology and core competitiveness, is bound to survive in the fierce market competition. At present the whole lamp 90 lm/W LED lamps and lanterns of various performance has surpassed other lamps and lanterns, and, in the midst of rising in the near future will become the mainstream of the market, at present stage of the product is not perfect, of course, such as the problem of standard interface, LED heat sink material consumption and other issues to be solved.

the LED road lamp standards lag behind the development of the industry and product greatly. Currently visible LED lights on the market, product appearance, LED luminous particles arrangement and quantity, the size of the drive circuit of exterior and interior design are diverse, poor compatibility, maintenance difficulties, these have become the LED road lamps and lanterns of research and development and manufacturing, the promotion of the important factors. The industry also called on relevant departments according to the actual situation of development of China's LED road lamp as soon as possible to develop a detailed, quantitative, operable specification or standard. Manufacturer also should pay attention to the standardization of its own products, different specifications and series, USES the common interface, reduce the cost.

from the application point of view, the LED street light future needs to be improved in the following two aspects: first, to further improve the system efficiency, fully replace sodium lamp of 400 w. Second, further reduce the color temperature, and ultimately realize the comprehensive application of 3000 k product. In addition, cost reduction is still all work together in the direction of the nearly three years.

when installing applications, due to the LED road lighting is the reconstructive project, without changing the light pole distance and height to replace LED light distribution design of lamps and lanterns are often too pay attention to the road illumination uniformity, makes longitudinal brightness uniformity is very low, will produce the effect of severe, affecting the traffic safety, hope attention to this problem in the urban road lighting planning.

in that case, the LED street lamp can promote, there are a lot of trust in 2012, under the technology development to promote, LED street light the great age of the replacement of traditional street lamps will be a full, the LED lighting companies ready?

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