The LED technology prospects geometry? Finish see will know that its application field

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

the issue of climate change makes the energy conservation and carbon reduction is taken seriously increasingly, and how to effectively reduce the energy consumption become important topics, with the birth of the blue light LED and white LED, the tradition of the global lighting also replaced gradually by energy saving save electricity LED, LED technology is applied to a variety of areas to improve human life.

high-efficiency white LED 20 times more efficient than traditional incandescent lamp, and the U. S. department of energy statistics, by 2030 the traditional LED lighting into 261 TWH can reduce electricity, about 30 of the plant respectively save 1000 MW of power, at the same time reduced by 1. 8. 5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

in addition, the LED can also be combined with solar energy, replace the traditional toxic and dangerous coal lamp. LED technology this year also won the global well-known renewable energy and sustainable development & ndash; Zayed Future Energy Prize, LED technology certainly a positive impact on the world.

LED plant factory, to ease the food crisis

the UN estimates that the world's population will reach 10 billion by 2050, when the food production must be increased 50% to 60%, but global warming impact on soil and water resources, lead to the external environmental uncertainty.

there are the crops from outdoor into indoor, combined with efficient leds and agricultural technology, factory building plants. For a wide variety of crops in different wavelengths of LED light, can accelerate its growth rate at the same time increase the nutritional value, the interference from external environment. Benefit from indoor planting technology, the Netherlands become the world's second-largest food exporter, the output of the tomato is the world's six times the average output of the above, but the water consumption is lower than the global average 25 times.

LED ultraviolet sterilization, improve water pollution

but as the population growth, water pollution, water shortage is one of the world have to face another big problem. Eight in the world. 500 million people lack the basic daily with water, each year about 500000 people died from water pollution, clean water become a big challenge.

2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize the lifetime achievement award winner nakamura said Tuesday, in order to solve the problem of water pollution, they are developing the UVC LED wavelengths of 280 nanometers, to kill the pathogens in the water. Although at present the UVC LED power is low, the efficiency is not high also, but they believe that finally certainly can develop efficient equipment, and use in developing countries.

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