The new trend of developing the LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-16

is a deepening of product technology and product diversification. Chengdu, sichuan province in China LED display industry technical foundation and the level, it should be said is quite advanced, the main products and key technology with the international advanced level of the industry to maintain consistent, but the craft level is relatively backward, in product standardization, the whole machine system design, reliability, manufacturing process, detection and test methods abroad have obvious difference. LED device technology and continuously improve performance, electronic technology rapid development and the LED display products to chengdu in sichuan province technology to deepen and improve the good foundation. At the same time LED display in all fields of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry more LED display industry bring good opportunity, therefore, the LED display market development prospects. Deepen the technical connotation, rich product system, product diversification, highlight the advantages of the leading product is the important trend of the LED display industry in chengdu in sichuan province. The second is normal product standardization and application products in specific areas of specialization. Propaganda of the standards implementation and promotion, will promote the development of the standardization of LED display products. Conventional LED display products, standardization of display device and control system will be more widely adopted, the integration of LED display products occupied the main position in industry, standardization of LED display products the specialization of production and technical service market will be more obvious. In professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional applications, will continue to improve professional level, combined with the application requirements of professional LED display products will expand to form of new products and new applications, such as designs city-lighting project of large LED display, LED display of the venue, the traffic in the field of LED display, etc. Three is industry within the reasonable division of labor and the formation of new industry pattern. With the development of technology and market, the LED display industry in China will gradually increase in the adjusted and have reasonable division of labor, to form a new pattern of the industry. In the whole industry chain, LED device production and display of the leading enterprises in the formation of the backbone enterprises of production, and will redefine upstream and downstream industry division of labor, highlighted the specialized division of labor and collaboration. Maybe at the beginning of the development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED display products production enterprises and production enterprises with vague definition of the specialized division of labor and collaboration, but with the expansion of the market and the evolution of technology products, this kind of definition will become clearer. In chengdu, sichuan province LED display industry, the industry within the enterprise groups will be appropriate classification, gradually form is given priority to with key control system technology research and development of technology development company, mainly to scale, standardization production products manufacturing enterprises, for the promotion market application technology service enterprises, professional applied enterprise mainly in order to satisfy the demands of professional market, etc.

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