The plight of the LED domestic enterprises are facing at present stage

by:Sehon     2020-10-22

although state and local governments at all levels of the LED this, a sunrise industry support is quite large, but the present stage LED the industry still faces considerable trouble, performance is as follows:

a: due to limited by funding, transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the cost control is difficult.

under the influence of economic environment at home and abroad, the current business situation of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises face greater difficulties. Raw materials, labor and other costs rise sharply and the problem such as financing difficulties caused by the enterprise in the transformation and upgrading of cost control and larger capital pressure, in the questionnaire, there were 57. 1% and 27. 1% of companies think high Labour costs and their startup capital difficult problem.

2: upstream of the core technology lack is the main bottleneck in the development of industry.

according to the survey, there are 87. 1% of the enterprises engaged in downstream products manufacturing, 12. 9% of the enterprises engaged in middle encapsulation, no firm has access to upstream LED chip manufacturing.

upstream lack of core technologies for the development of ningbo LED lamps and lanterns industry caused a lot of adverse effects, 60% of companies think the chip price is too high, the profit space deprivation; There are 40. 0% of companies said can't identify the chip quality is good or bad; 42. 1% of enterprises believe affected by chip, product quality is disciplined by others.

3: downstream products research and development, the technical ability is weak, imperfect supporting industries.

according to the survey, downstream products research and development, the design problem is the main distribution of light, power drive and high-power cooling from three aspects, there are 22, respectively. 1%, 23. 6% and 12. 9% of companies are not the above three aspects of research and development ability, and don't think in these three aspects problems of the enterprise only 14 respectively. 3%, 27. 1% and 27. 9%. Look from the specific ability, talent shortage problem reflects the strongest, there are 51 respectively. 4%, 23. 6% and 35. 7% of companies think that their own lack of light distribution, power drive and high-power cooling talents.

4: enterprise laboratory construction is not perfect, product certification difficulties.

according to the survey, there are 17. 9% of the enterprise does not have its own laboratory, the proportion in small businesses is 23. 1%. From the point of specific detection ability, only 19, respectively. 3%, 8. 6% and 10. 7% of companies have attachment security, optical and thermal analysis simulation testing equipment.

in addition, the enterprise also encountered many difficulties in the process of product certification, 65 respectively. 0% and 62. 9% of companies said there are too many of the high cost of certification and authentication type of problem.

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