The prospect of LED lighting from the trend of the market price policy

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

it is well known that as the global energy shortage and electricity price rise, as the fourth generation of green LED lighting is more and more caught the attention of governments and enterprises. After the country, the government planned policies, subsidies to promote LED lighting industry, LED lighting enterprise in the great river north and south full blossom.

perspective from the market, gradually open the LED lighting market. Local governments policy to encourage enterprise upgrading public street lamp lighting, lighting in public places, the government office building lighting lighting, public facilities, like promote the popularization of LED lighting in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, public facilities lighting on the market for the enterprise. Second, although the general public facilities lighting market by the capital strength of large lighting enterprise to master, but commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting has a broad market needs to be LED lighting, small and medium enterprises development. At present, some large commercial lighting, such as ikea, wal-mart has open LED lighting transformation journey, believe in the transformation under the influence of data and practice prove that the lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting such as energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection trip is about to open it.

from policy to promote the development of LED lighting, local governments have responded to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, are taking the tender to promote product applications, such as subsidies to promote LED technology research and development policy rapidly promote the development of LED lighting. In may this year, guangdong provincial government held & other; Guangdong application work throughout the meeting & LED lighting products; , determine the implementation & other; Guangdong three years popular LED public lighting & throughout; Work plan. According to the provincial government requirements, in the public roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the lighting engineering field, new projects are using LED lighting products, the original use of LED lighting products renovation completed by the end of 2014. The pearl river delta region took the lead at the end of next year to complete. In addition, standard related to LED lighting technology alliance, benchmarking system gradually established accordingly.

from LED lighting products price trends, with the development of the LED chip technology, excess capacity, state subsidies to promote, market competition factors, such as LED lighting products price reduced year by year. Tong roth a marketing person tells a reporter, now, many manufacturers selling civil LED lights, usually a quarter will cut prices at a time, every time the extent of pricing in 3% - 5%. Lower prices for products popular, but also should avoid to give up the quality of the product market chaos of price.

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