The quality problem of the led bulbs detection analysis

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

in addition to food and clothing live line, in the life of LED light bulb is also common and widely used in our goods, to follow the progress of the society, people rely on, about the use of artificial light is becoming increasingly common household LED filament bulb, LED plant growth light, etc. , today let's talk about LED filament bulb to quality problem.

LED lights, powered by the LED module, lamp holder, built-in, heat dissipation and chimney, solid demand from the LED safety features and electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC) Aspects of testing evaluation. Huatong wei is the lamps and lanterns of authority testing organization, the following introduce the LED safety function detection module.

the LED safety function modules:

common since the ballast LED lamp is refers to the lamp holder agree with IEC 60061 - 1, containing the LED light source and necessary to insist on stable ignition components and make it as one of the lights equipment. This lamp is suitable for the family, and other similar places used for lighting, its is not sealed, no damage to the structure. Its demand insist below 60 W power; Voltage to insist on more than 50 V, and less than or equal to 250 V; Lamp holder with IEC 60061 - is necessary 1 requirements.

the ballast LED lights need to fit the mandatory national standards GB - 24906 2010 'general lighting from over 50 V ballast LED lights security requirements involved in logo, interchangeability, prevent to get an electric shock, mechanical strength, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, and other parameters.

1。 Testing safety marks: marks to indicate the marks on the information such as history, product voltage range, rated power, marking requirements clear, durable display on the products.

2。 Product swap detection: the LED problem such as lamp, demand we replaced, in order to ensure the products can cooperation to use with the original base, lamp should choose the IEC 60061 - The lamp holder and agree with IEC 60061-1 regulations 3 of the gauge.

3。 Electric parts protection: the structure of the lamp design shall ensure that, in not equipped with lamps and lanterns in the shape of a secondary housing conditions, when the lamp is installed on fit data sheet of the lamp holder, lamp holder can't touch the lamp holder or metal parts in the body, the basic insulation of the external metal parts and charged metal parts.

4。 Wet processing after the insulation resistance and electric strength, insulation resistance and electric strength is LED lamp and the basic aim of internal insulation material, specification requires that soared to belong to a load of the lamp holder and lamp accessible parts of the insulation resistance between should not be less than 4 MΩ , strong electric ( HV type lamp holder: 4 000 V; BV type lamp holder: 2 u + 1 000 V) Trials are not allowed to appear flashover or breakdown phenomenon.

5。 Product strength testing, the LED lamp holder and lamp body between riveting's physique. According to the specification requirements: the lamp holder and lamp body or with the lamp to precession or spin out the part of the strong cohesion. About not choose bonding method fixed socket, allowing there are relative movement between lamp holder and lamp holder, but should not exceed 10 & deg;

the LED such as EMC safety detection module:

1. Harmonic: IEC 61000 - 3 - 2 has been clear about the harmonic current emission limits of lighting equipment and measurement method in detail. Harmonic is referring to the current contained in frequency as the base wave integer times of power. In the lighting circuit, because the sine wave voltage through the nonlinear load, non sine wave current, non sine wave current pressure drop in the power grid impedance, makes the grid voltage waveform also constitute a non-sinusoidal waveform, and pollute the power grid. Harmonic content can lead to additional loss and high fever, the reactive power, power factor, even damage the equipment, endanger the safety.

2。 Disturbing voltage: 17743 GB & ndash; 2007 'radio disturb characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment limits and measurement methods of the disturbing voltage limit and detailed measurement method is given when the ballast LED lights disturb voltage beyond the limit, will affect the normal work of electric and electronic equipment.

about people, LED lights products are life just need items, its dependence is also more and more high. Followed the development of LED lights, LED production technology has been improved, new method of using environment and also can produce new LED test specification, in order to ensure the safety of society and people will continue to refine strict testing norms, which requires the third party testing organization such as detection to constantly improve itself, but also make it clear to the maker, the only useful LED lights to create exquisite products, product competition strength can stick to itself, under the market environment.

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