The role of LED wash wall light

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

LED wash wall lamp, that means, let the light like water washed metope, what is the function of LED wash wall light? First was used as wall decoration and lighting purposes, perhaps how many people do not know, there are other aspects of the effect, here are some explanation for us, and see it together.

led wash wall light effect:

1, the first is used for building decoration lighting, and used to draw the outline of a large building, its technical parameters and led project-light lamp is broadly similar, relative to other shape led project-light lamp, led wash wall light bar structure becomes very good deal with a bit of radiator.

2, because the LED energy saving, high photosynthetic efficiency, color rich, long life and other characteristics, so now the other light source to wash the wall lamp is gradually replaced by LED wash wall lamp, such as company building walls, government building surroundings, the history of wall lighting, entertainment places, etc; Reach also more and more widely, from indoor to outdoor, from the initial part of the lighting up to now all the rope, are all levels of progress and expand;

3, now LED wash wall lamp has a large number of inputs to the rope, small make up to future LED wash wall light will become a part of the rope in no lack of.

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