The same wattage LED lamp brightness is not the same reason

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

the cause of this phenomenon will generally have the following kinds:

1) light source power

the consumption of the LED lamps and lanterns is electricity, announced is light. This will involve the issue of transfer power. Photosynthetic efficiency target form of lm/w. This means every W how much power can be converted into a lumen flux. LED the newborn shaoguang effect only tenths of lumens per watt. Now good quality LED lamp bead can reach 200 lm/w, thousands of times. Until now the LED lighting is constantly rewritten every year. So in different periods or different manufacturer lamp bead assembled the same specifications of bulbs, presents the brightness is not the same as is the norm.

2. Power is not the same as

LED lamp bead to the number of negative temperature si nonlinear element, sensitivity to the abnormal change of temperature and voltage. Which cannot be directly whether communication is still the dc power supply for LED power supply, but to use constant current drive to work. Different quality of constant current drive power difference is very big, from 50% ~ 90%. So even if choose the light source of high photosynthetic efficiency, such as constant current drive power is low, the same would result in a lack of brightness.

(3) labeled according to different power

now LED lamps and lanterns of market power is disorderly. Some will be subject to the whole lamp practice power, but also have a plenty of to light bead based on power. 100% not possible because the power supply of power, so that the same power LED filament bulb, may be different manufacturers of different power.

(4) light-emitting section area of different

two different shape of the same wattage bulbs, sometimes look brightness difference is very big. Such as small bulbs would look brighter than big bulb. Bulb looks than tube light, etc.

this is because the light part of the area is different. Because the same light energy distribution in different area, the unit area of the luminous intensity and is inversely proportional to the area. So although by emitting area of different brightness led light itself is not the same, but the lighting effect is still very near.

5. Color temperature is not the same as

color temperature is an important goal illumination lamps and lanterns. What is the color temperature? If use plain words like a piece of iron is heated, Practice is an ideal blackbody) , start is red, and followed the temperature gradually become yellow, white finally become blue. So let's colour slants red light called low colour temperature, slant blue called high colour temperature.

so it can be represented with temperature & other; Color & throughout; . The unit of color temperature is & other; K” , and we commonly used & other; ℃” By 273. 15. Both: 0 ℃ is equivalent to 273 Celsius. 15K。

the human eye perception of different sowing line color is not the same. On the premise of the same luminous flux, high color after sowing line will appear more bright.

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