The service life of the LED project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-12

a good LED light emitting diode is 100000 hours, or more than 10 years, but because by various factors influence, currently on the market most of LED project-light lamp life spans, and can't arrived.

LED to use full 100000 hours, droop for 50% of the initial theory taking over think LED project-light lamp is 3 ~ 50000 hours, that is 3 ~ 5 years. In fact, can arrive 5 years warranty, LED project-light lamp manufacturers, selection of the LED chip, LED drive power supply and other high quality.

one of the elements that affect a good LED project-light lamp is LED chip, a good brand of LED chip long, low light failure, good quality and price is higher also. Drive power LED project-light lamp become old, yea, also affecting flow of electric current on the driving power source is best can ensure that the LED will not affected by the outside power supply voltage change, environmental temperature change, and the influence of LED parameter discreteness, thus can keep stable current and give full play to the LED project-light lamp, all kinds of excellent properties. In addition, the LED project-light lamp radiator, components etc is also very important.

cheap LED project-light lamp quality assurance two years on the market, because the light failure, dim brightness. At this time can find lighting energy-saving renovation company, choose EMC form the envelop retrofit of project-light lamp, save money and energy saving.

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