The six characteristics of LED lamp cup

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

LED also known as leds, it is a solid semiconductor devices, and can directly DianZhuan into visible light. Because the LED is a kind of cold light source, so it does not have heat transformation, can put all the energy into light, use up more safe and effective, is the new generation of lighting technology revolution. LED lighting aspects of the main products are LED tube lights, LED lights belt, LED panel lights, LED lamp cup, LED module, etc.

as a new type of lighting products LED lights cup, it has many obvious advantages:

first, its use life is long, because it droop is decreasing, a general to use LED lights for 50 years, only to be good, can the degree of it to make it work. For example, as well-known brand CPL LED lights cup lamp cup theory taking up to 100000 hours.

second, LED lights of high durability, it is due to cold light source, no easy damaged parts, lower maintenance costs.

third, high light efficiency: photosynthetic efficiency can reach more than fifty percent, and general incandescent light efficiency is only ten percent to twenty percent.

4, safe and pollution-free, no radiation, belongs to typical green lighting source.

5, response time is short: to adapt to the frequent switch and the occasion of high-frequency operation.

6, small volume, wide application, can be developed for various types of products.

these strengths more recognised that LED lights cup, LED lamp cup as being gradually popularizing and using, will gradually into the thousands, represents a new generation of energy-saving light source, becomes a bigger role.

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