The study found that: lighting can reduce 39% of the crime

by:Sehon     2020-11-09

a controlled study in New York, lighting night crime can be reduced by 39%.

New York City police department, New York City housing authority, scientific research team Crime Lab and criminal justice office to design a six-month randomized controlled trials, involving nearly 80 higher Crime rates of public housing communities. In the experiment, about 1 and a half of community installed new temporary street lamp, the other half did not.

the study found that the installation of new street community crime rates significantly lower than the community not to have a new street light.

the research result shows that can improve the level of lighting will be the so-called crime index overall decreased by 7%, in the evening, crime index can reduce 39%.

, the researchers said the results of the survey shows that two-thirds of the residents were satisfied with the new lamps and lanterns.

although previous studies on effects of light on crime is not much, but the research for the first time adopt rigorous randomized controlled trials ( 个随机对照试验) To measure the effect of street lighting to crime.

and the results of the study on the New York City has influence all over the world. New York proved that lighting is likely to reduce crime, at the same time reduce the prison population.

in recent years, the New York police department has carried on the innovation of police. Results show that the environment design can not only influence the crime, and investment in natural environmental changes such as new street lamp can increase public safety, and help to reduce the city within the scope of the crime.

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