The three factors influencing the LED lighting prices

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

involving families indoor lighting, led lighting indoor lighting market bigger than the outdoor lighting market, coupled with the led used in indoor lighting, especially atmosphere rendering, any other light source has ever incomparable advantage, but in terms of the current domestic market, led lamps and lanterns price is too high, most people still can't afford to consumption. What causes the LED high prices? Some mainly have three:

reasonable heat dissipation design cost

structure design about 20% in the lamps and lanterns, has always been hardworking people in China will be priced very low, 20% think that is reasonable cost, the biggest problem is how to more innovation, design more reasonable.

the cooling costs to maintain at 5%, practical thermal design is very simple, held the two directions: one is that the LED chip and heat dissipation device path as short as possible, the shorter your thermal design is better; Second, heat resistance, is must have enough heat to the path at the same time, also want to have enough & other Heat dissipation road & throughout; 。 The cost in the main structure, used for heat dissipation cost is not much.

high cost of core technology

most of upstream of the led industry core patents in foreign hands, we don't have to master the core technology, although we led application products manufacturing capacity accounted for 50% in the whole world, share to 50%, but profit is the lowest.

the LED chip with the process, using larger increase in the number of the wafer production technology, will continue to reduce costs, reduced every year 20% speed in recent years, the LED chip price factor, will lower photosynthetic efficiency of ascension are also included in the price, the same price to buy a better product. Mainly in the cost of the LED chip LED lighting lamps and lanterns, as long as the chip prices down, LED the lumen of the unit price to with the present stage of energy-saving lamps, indoor lighting is natural. The LED chip is a price cut space.

the power cost serious lag

power supply is the most weak link of led lamps and lanterns, the serious lag development of led lamps and lanterns, quality needs to be improved. Now about 20% of the cost of lamps and lanterns design, is a little high. As the technology development of power supply in 5 - probably 10% of the most reasonable.

the LED cost is high, it is relative to the other light sources, was invented in the 1990 s blue leds, which can lead to realized the LED white light LED industry, in fact, now the cost is not high. Especially the LED environmental protection, energy saving, do not contain mercury, and each quarter the price of the LED lamps and lanterns are slipping, sure can be achieved in a relatively short period of time the level of people can accept.

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