Thermal conductive plastic LED lights cup which promote the development of LED market

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

thermal conductive plastic LED lights cup which promote the development of LED mall: now there are several trends are the development of LED lighting market. First is the continuous improvement of high brightness LED power and very high reliability of the high power LED constant current drive power supply, the second is the global legislation to stop the incandescent lighting ( Because of its low power) And gradually fade out of CFL energy-saving lamps ( If broken, it will flow out harmful to the environment of mercury) 。 These elements are combined is making LED plastic ball steep light into a long-term development trend. Of course, capital (low system , thermal management system including LED and LED driver) Is always widely customers choose LED general lighting propulsion.

led lighting power supply planning has the block and block type planning. Thermal conductive plastic LED lights cup with cut off the LED drive power supply transformer or electrical block means that the LED can directly touch without electric shock. Without blocking transformer LED drive power supply is still able to use protective mechanical insulation shell part, but at the moment of the LED is not straight when working in touch touch.

physical planning determines the drive block type is right or wrong blocking type. Safety rules generally require the use of two independent blocking layer. Planners can choose two kinds of physical barrier layer, namely, plastic and glass shield astigmatism, and use the cut off power supply. If cut off the physical capital is too high, mechanical difficulties or absorb too much light, we must solve the problem of electric barrier in the power supply. Cut off power supply in general than equal power level of the block type power supply. Floodlight planners must be in their planning of each product in a lot of capital and planning optimization.

because is suitable for the use of different selection of is blocking the insulation of the transformer or cut off protection shell lampshade, planners in the different point of view will always have different opinions. In general, they'll go from many aspects, such as capital and manufacturing process, power and volume, insulation reliability and safety standards, and so on.

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