Three reasons why reveal LED wash wall lamp damage

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

the LED light source due to voltage sensitive equipment, in the practical work is 20 ma current limit, but often due to various reasons in using this form current increase, if do not adopt protective measures, the increase of current surely beyond time and LED wash wall lamp will be damaged after ups and downs. Besides the LED wash wall lamp burned down there will be what reason?

1, because the water proofing property owe good formation of the short circuit

for many wild wash wall lamp, the potting process requirement is relatively high. Because many wash wall lights are showing in the wild, so must potting import water proofing property is good PU glue, otherwise unable to prevent the wild rain and water vapor into the internal cause of lamps and lanterns wash wall lamp parts water and short circuit, so that the circuit board, spontaneous combustion caused the whole lamp burned down.

2, low-pressure lamps and lanterns of high voltage

if meet high voltage with low pressure washing wall lamp, also is very simple in its burning. , for example, if the use of washing wall lamp is low voltage 24 v, and domestic commonly used voltage is 220 v, so if the device is directly electricity, wash wall lamp manufacturer wash wall lamp internal capacitance resistance would think can't accept this strong voltage caused by the wash wall lamp burning phenomenon.

3, wash wall lamp equipment matching fault

if wash wall lamp circuit board fault resistance and capacitance matching words above, this time to wash the wall lamp because will also accept too much current and cause short circuit. So this request in the wash wall lights before leaving the factory to check whether the current is normal.

attack after wash wall lamp to turn off the lights flashing, be the first to admit that the line problem. Possible problems, is zero line switch control. This time to correct in time, avoid risk, is the right thing to switch control wire, zero line after the lights. If the circuit does not problems, may be self inductance current leds.

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