To enter Japan on July 1, led lamps and lanterns, compulsory for PS

by:Sehon     2020-09-25

July 1 this year, entering the Japanese market sales of LED filament bulb and LED electric appliance must be labeled with circular product safety ( PSE) 。 Relevant inspection and quarantine departments to the enterprise also warned, requirements to the work in time.

recently, to enter the Japanese market sales of LED filament bulb and LED lamps and lanterns is added a new threshold. Meti public announcement in April this year, from July 1 this year, entering the Japanese market sales of LED bulbs and LED electric appliance must be labeled with circular product safety ( PSE) 。 Shenzhen, shenzhen inspection and quarantine departments to the relevant export enterprises recently warned, required to work in time. PSE is product safety signs, Japan Japan DENTORL method ( Electrical equipment and material control) Regulation, 498 kinds of products have to through security authentication into the Japanese market.

the footsteps of the PSE is getting close, it will be in shenzhen and even the whole China LED industry what kind of impact? Enterprise and how to deal with? Our reporter interview companies, some with the common heart treat, some appear helpless, come up with all kinds of simplified coping companies show doesn't care about look, presents a rich picture of enterprise faces.

Japanese standard step by step to improve

& other; The Japanese market quality consciousness is too strong, from just began to enter the Japanese market is not very easy, such as core components of chip LED lighting products, must be made in Japan can enter the Japanese market. ” The guangdong dongguan a lighting enterprise business manager Mr Zhang, for example.

and the upcoming PSE new rules that are more increase the difficulty to enter Japan LED market. In response to the new rules, shenzhen, shenzhen inspection and quarantine department special remind relevant export enterprises should be ready for the work in time. According to statistics, the pearl river delta region to collect 80% of China's LED drive power supply enterprises, export Japan's electric light source in shenzhen area in 2011 and 1002 batch of lamps and lanterns products, value of 5060. 950000 dollars, the implementation of the PSE mark will inevitably affect exports to shenzhen and even the related industry in China.

SBC mixed happy care

reporter in an interview, learned that large companies and small and medium-sized companies for the attitude of the PSE is not the same. Born in guangdong di technology co. , LTD. Manager Chen guoliang told reporters that the company in Japan & other; 3· 11. ' After the earthquake started to inspect the Japanese market, but slow to develop the business, still less than 1% market share. “ The main reason is the condition is too harsh, the Japanese market in addition to internationally accepted standards, more than a PSE standards. ”

Chen guoliang said, make a PSE certification at least tens of thousands of yuan, even hundreds of thousands of yuan, the final rewards disproportionate considering comprehensive cost of investment and profit, so has been didn't do the Japanese market.

, by contrast, as the world's largest semiconductor lighting product development and production base, frequently on the photoelectric co. , LTD. , international business department, senior manager Qiu Huan countries for PSE certification is full of confidence. Qiu Huan countries tells a reporter, PSE certification and accreditation, all products are in order to improve the quality of LED products.

Qiu Huan countries, said after the 111th Canton fair, the company has been in the process of PSE certification, certification split the cost of the product price, will not bring much impact to the company.

through the authentication, can reduce product safety problems, if there is a problem, you can clarify the responsibility. At the same time, through the certification can also exclude some qualification not enough business, formed the other firms that do not have advantage.

in addition, the enterprise can also through the way such as spare parts procurement, Japan certification, circumvent the rigmarole of PSE certification. Guangdong zhongshan, a photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Business manager Lin told reporters that the company did not apply for PSE certification, on the one hand, because the company is given priority to with producing low voltage apparatus; On the other hand is because the company completes the certification when purchasing, such as the transformer and the power cord.

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