To play a leading role of landscape lighting in LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

although LED from the last century has been applied in the early 90 s, but because of restricted by technical bottleneck, it was not until recent years with the ascension of technology development, to become more slowly change the global lighting industry pattern emerging light source. And LED products are currently thundered a spread rapidly in the global lighting market.

lighting industry in China is at an unprecedented high speed development period. Due to the led lighting products have excellent color expressive force, photochromic strong control ability, small volume, easy to hide and long life, energy saving, stable characteristics, such as led products market is widely applied to landscape lighting, led lighting market rapid growth, rapidly and power landscape lighting led lighting applications market share the biggest branch.

along with our country urbanization speeding up, the city the night image also become an important measures to show the modern city civilization construction, local governments will accelerate the construction of the city led landscape lighting, improve the image of the city at night included in the work of the government. At the same time, the landscape lighting standards developed in our country, more make the sustainable development of led landscape lighting industry in our country.

when & other; Low carbon economy & throughout; ,“ Low carbon life & throughout; And so on a series of cutting-edge concept gradually come into the mind of the people, & other; Low carbon & throughout; Also become the urban landscape lighting research topic. In the aspect of low carbon energy saving of the sustainable development of landscape lighting, led landscape lighting products is also made outstanding contribution.

urban landscape lighting the ascension of the visual arts, not only promoted the city's image, also make the people who live in the city can feel more beautiful environment at night. Open landscape lighting, light visual arts, by city managers more and more attention to the urban landscape lighting engineering carried out in full swing at the same time, also greatly promote the development of led landscape lighting industry.

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