To waterproof LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

to waterproof LED wash wall lamp? As long as do the waterproof lamps and lanterns, LED wash wall lamp talents play its good performance and service life. We define production device to wash the wall lamp are below steps:

1, the first article lamp bead with soldering iron and tin welding on aluminium substrate. Set aside.

2, and then welded board to try, see if there are any virtual welding may not be bright, so after the start of the aging, can guarantee to wash the wall lamp driver and light bead is perfect.

3, try after the light, at the back of the aluminum plate heat dissipation on silica gel, the plate in the shell, the heat of the thermal conductive silicone is the lamp bead to the lamp body, can help to prevent lamp bead light failure, the next step.

4, preparation process are ready, the electricity supply welding on aluminium substrate of positive and negative poles, then glue tape tied down on both ends.

5, the above steps are done, must carry on the aging test, to be packed.

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