Traditional and advanced LED project-light lamp, wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

now than we demand for outdoor lighting indoor lighting demand is low, especially the request to carry out city, now basically everyone we see cities have outdoor lighting. But not all the lights are suitable for outdoor lighting, would like to do outdoor lighting lamps will ensure that it can withstand wind and rain. LED project-light lamp factory count for everyone today used in outdoor lighting.

our common high-power LED project-light lamp, it is the building exterior lighting lamps and lanterns. Ordinary traditional LED project-light lamp for a region to stop building project, is used to control the beam Angle of round and square shape head of cast light lamps and lanterns. But now we use the lighting lamps and lanterns is LED light source, the LED light source small and thin, linear projection lamps and lanterns of research and development will surely be LED cast light lamps and lanterns of a major bright spot. Can highlight the overall effect more. Device that is not only effect is good, of course, it also is very convenient, the device can level device can also be vertical direction, and better separation of building appearance, more a lot of designers in design of outdoor lighting lighting time not the same as the effect of the method and the device performance. And the light even after device, have special project-light lamp can also regulate its point of view, such a design more sensitive lunch, if it is not, of course, demand Angle of the central conditioning, it needs the device when sorting good point of view, if choose or regulate Angle after device and high-power LED project-light lamp, so in the future of wind and rain is very easy to cause its inside Angle offset, and so on questions.

LED project-light lamp manufacturer is just one of these outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, the whole buildings surroundings make effect to we still needs a lot of other lighting lamps and lanterns, for example, wash wall lamp, etc. , in foshan surveying of land science and technology is a professional outdoor lighting lighting manufacturers.

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