Traditional LED lighting accelerated layout

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

LED lighting applications is quietly. Although traditional products for export demand is weak overall slow growth, however, LED lighting is relying on its rising price, and open the market more and more applications. 2012 domestic LED lighting overall won the high growth, among them, the scale of indoor LED lighting is expected to reach 33. 7 billion yuan, In 2011 to 18. 6 billion) Growth of 57%, outdoor market reached 8 billion yuan. Most of the company's growth rate is lower than the industry growth, because there are many more participants. In 2013, we think that the traditional lighting company is accelerating the LED layout, and policies to promote LED lighting will continue to high growth, domestic indoor and outdoor LED lighting market is expected to increase 59% and 45% respectively. Backlight market growth faster than 2012 estimated earlier this year, is expected to more than 20%. Beijing Oriental and huaxing photoelectric 2 article 8. Five generations of climbing capacity, for the related domestic manufacturers are good opportunities for expansion, so the company won the rapid growth of multiple opportunities. In 2013 backlight market as a whole is to a saturation stage, however, because signs of industrial transfer to China, there are still superior enterprises is expected to seize the opportunity of rapid growth. Relative surplus production capacity, a hierarchical the profitability of the industry decline. For chip led product prices continue to fall, chips and encapsulation profit margins continued to decline, while the application is relatively stable. LED new investment is turning to downstream applications, especially the lighting area, chip investment is greatly reduced. To reduce technical barriers, industry concentration has the advantage of experience and ability to supply manufacturers. Chips will not lack a technology and scale, the three Ann photoelectric competitiveness is relatively stable, bdo, is a breakthrough; Encapsulate field lowest barriers to entry, ruifeng photovoltaic and hon have comparative advantage; Applications, most of the professional LED lighting company first mover advantage is not stable. The most important phenomenon is the acceleration of traditional lighting company in LED layout. Among them, the sunlight illumination, fila acoustics and the layout of the mitsuo relatively early, began to reflect the effect, and leishi lighting and foshan lighting also have stepped up efforts in the development of LED lighting products. Whether domestic or international lighting company will release the OEM orders, it is significant for the middle and lower reaches of industry of form a complete set of opportunities. Advantages and mainland manufacturers because of cost advantage, have access to more rapid growth.

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