Traditional lighting enterprise in a dilemma, where transformation

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

a few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission of China to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap news conference, let more and more traditional lighting enterprises began to consider the transformation. However, transformation in where? LED lighting industry present situation is: more and more manufacturers of pouring in, the more intense market competition, the industrial chain product prices continue to fall, as well as the rising cost of gross margin compression problem increasingly prominent, continued weak downstream demand, many had planned to transition to the traditional lighting of LED lighting industry enterprises in a dilemma.

influenced by demand cost, LED lighting profits drop

originally, LED lighting industry is the transformation of many traditional lighting industry target, but now the industry has a variable & ndash; — — Below market expectations of growth performance, production cost of aggressive price storm surge and domestic LED lighting industry quite some prospects for this year is unknown.

the industry, said that in 2011 LED manufacturing enterprises more obvious decline in gross margins compared to a year ago, the main reason is that the LED product prices and the prices of raw materials. Combined with LED backlight market demand than expected in the first half of this year, GeChang shifted focus to the LED lighting market, supply increases, if this situation continues to develop, product prices in the future for a period of time is still likely to continue to fall, also may appear & other; Industry reshuffle & throughout; And & other Itu competition & throughout; In the case.

LED from the end of last year has been published in 2011 and a half annual report of listed companies also can be seen that most companies in the first half of the net interest rate of the product decline, some enterprise's first-half results also showed that although its operating income increased, but the decline in net profit has reached to thirty percent. The annual report of a large domestic LED packaging companies, according to the company's main business gross profit margin is 22. 80%, lower than a year ago. 82%, among which the main reason is: to expand the product market share, the company take the initiative to cut prices, product sales increased dramatically, gross margin decline in 15. 4%. In addition, for some export enterprises, the appreciation of the renminbi also affects the export product gross margin level.

below market expectations of growth performance and aggressive depreciate storm, the domestic LED packaging industry is quite this year because some & other; Momentous upheaval throughout the &; The chill. And, in addition to domestic enterprises within the reshuffle, foreign firms are also accelerate the deployment of entering the domestic market. Since 2010, including multinational companies such as samsung, LG, CREE, osram LED encapsulation base at home layout, market competition facing the possibility of further more.

traditional lighting enterprise dilemma

LED lighting variables, also make the plan chewing on the traditional lighting of the transformation of enterprises. A traditional lighting company, said an official with the transformation of the enterprise is considering production of energy-saving lamp or LED lighting products, but it is still difficult to make up your mind. Because LED level uncertainty, in the past two years, a large number of domestic investment has caused the industry overcapacity. And the price of the LED lighting is still higher than traditional light bulbs with energy-saving lamps, the price has to expand the market acceptance of the key. Energy-saving lamps market also let a person see not clear. If switch to energy-saving light, on the one hand, is the market competitive sales prices are falling; On the other hand, these two years rare earth prices helped costs rise, large transition costs.

to traditional lighting industry in China at present, foshan lighting Zhong Xincai chairman said the current market is still very disorderly, the country has more than 1000 lighting companies, many do not meet national standards of products is also in the market circulation, so he think the lighting industry in China is in a consolidation mergers, through a series of reforming the future leaves only a dozen lighting enterprise is enough. “ The future for a long time, the traditional lighting still will not withdraw from the market. ” Interstate TongBao prices head thinks, & other; For the traditional enterprise, LED and traditional lighting is more of a fusion, will even the traditional industry and e-commerce fuses in together, in this kind of fusion to grasp the opportunities to develop myself. ”

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