'Two camps' against LED lighting industry

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

from foshan lighting, founder of leishi lighting, one after another to the CCTV 'economy and a half hours to industry reports of chaos, the LED lighting industry has become the focus of media attention lately. Great army of foreign brands, carry weight of patent, the domestic enterprise spell price war, shuffle out of small and medium-sized enterprises, and even national policy & other; Throughout the spring rain, such as oil &; Affected too much social attention, the LED lighting industry.

although the national brands are still hard to avoid foreign brands & other; Patent stick & throughout; , but there is no denying the fact that national frontline LED lighting brand such as YiJiu tile has surfaced, and begun to take against foreign brands. The future & other; Two camps throughout the &; Sizing up the situation will quickly form.

foreign brands: exalted patent & other; The swords of dharma, hicks & throughout;

LED lighting with high luminous efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life, the advantages of small volume, safety, earthquake, is the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp lighting source again after the revolution, the vigorous development in all countries in the world, China is no exception. In October 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six department released the 'opinion' semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry development, put forward to 2015, semiconductor lighting energy-saving industrial output growth rate at about 30% per year; By 2014, the market scale will reach 908. 900 million yuan, the compound annual growth rate reached 69. 2%.

a huge market for multinational companies are salivating at the cake. On May 25, 2012, one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the global osram in wuxi, in the next five years is expected to form a scale of 2 billion yuan output value. Osram Dane's chief executive, said the new factory in wuxi investment is 100 million euro, over the next five years will also continue to invest hundreds of millions of euros as appropriate.

philips lighting business in China has maintained double-digit growth. Admitted to the top 2015 LED business accounted for 50% of overall volume. In addition, LED lighting brand also frequent action: Japan LED faucet & other; Nichia & throughout; Announced the future 80% of LED lighting products will be produced in China; Panasonic China LED products to 60 models; Toshiba has shut down some Japanese factories, moving production to China.

at present, the global LED core technology patents in the field of 50% by a handful of big companies such as America, Japan, Germany occupied, such as osram, philips, Japan and chemical, etc. They constantly deployed worldwide & other; Patent network & throughout; Like hand holding & other The sword of Damocles & throughout; To have effective restriction on domestic brands. In recent years, our country to accept the number of patent application in the field of LED significantly increased year by year. In our country to apply for the LED patent number of the top five countries are Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Among them, Japan in 1306 the number of patent applications, is ahead and accounting for 24% of the total. For the LED domestic enterprises, with core patents are controlled by foreign manufacturers, enterprises always face the risk of patent infringement.

national brands: & other; Technology patent & throughout; With & other; The cost control & throughout; Dual breakthroughs

foreign brands through & other; Patent monopoly & throughout; Formed a deterrent for national brands, but most of the Chinese LED enterprises involves patent wars, mostly ended in settlement or a small amount of compensation. Some national brands to cooperate with foreign brand patent or strategic cooperation way, avoid & other; Patent stick & throughout; 。 In February, so bright and beautiful with philips signed a patent cooperation treaty; In April, the Ming were signed with the similar agreements with the philips.

in the face of foreign brands of patent siege, many national frontline LED lighting brand chose & other; Technological breakthroughs & throughout; And & other The cost control & throughout; The strategies to deal with.

LED leader enterprise YiJiu tile, lasted three years, RMB 300 million cash, a patent product research and development, carefully study the LED heat dissipation module, finally achieved the world's top LED heat dissipation technology patents, to ensure the YiJiu tile product competitive advantage. YiJiu tile group President JianZhi rose said, technological breakthrough is a difficult road, but for LED lighting enterprises in China, is this the way one has to go.

' China LED lighting industry in the early development of multinational enterprises pressure will follow & throughout; Said, YiJiu tile group President JianZhi litres, & other The industry competition is a long run, as long as there is hope, strengthen technology accumulation in the future a certain technology patents national LED lighting industry today, very similar to domestic computer in the 1990 s and early 21st century the plight of the domestic home appliance, but today lenovo, haier all over the world, I believe that there must be a China LED lighting industry after 10 years of brand of a place! ”

on shun lighting co. , LTD. , China's chief executive, jian-ning sun, homebred brand LED in lower cost can do innovation in many aspects, from design, packaging, etc. , to the price of its products has fallen to less than half of the same products abroad, caused the strong interest of foreign investors. This also indicates that the world China LED to a certain extent on the brand is also full of confidence.

in addition, in market competition, the national brand and service to improve the product value through ascension. Foreign brands LED lights usually warranty for two years, while YiJiu tile launched & other; 1 year free replacement, 5 years warranty & throughout; Service measures, combined with technical and price advantage, YiJiu tile in many sales are more than foreign brands. In June, YiJiu move their headquarters to Beijing, and to enhance investment in the northern market channels, be regarded as important by the brand competition.

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