Upgrade LED lighting 10 things you'll want to avoid

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

ever consider upgrading lighting? Here are 10 mistakes most people make, read it carefully, can let you avoid detours.

1 buy do not match the light line distribution

this is probably the most common problem upgrade. LED lights and lamps and lanterns tend to have more output. So, for example, if you use leds to replace halogen lamp, astigmatism is much less. This overflow astigmatism is actually useful, for example to illuminate the hotel the wall of the corridor. Also, if you use leds to replace fluorescent lamp, a third of the wall will be in the eye.

the best way to avoid: buy samples first.

2 buy lamp too dark or too bright

if you are considering using leds to replace fluorescent lamp, not only match the light output ( In lumen or lm measurement) 。 Because leds are targeted, the same light output, is likely to get more light from the LED. Note, however, that the light output data sheet may be exaggerated, and the different distributions of light will make the room appears bleak.

the best way to avoid: buy reputable brand, check the lamps and lanterns on the current sample or samples in the laboratory.

3 buy lamp too & other; Cold & throughout;

color temperature is said the scale of the light source the light color, the unit is K ( Kelvin) 。 General incandescent lamp is 2700 k, halogen lamp is 3200 k. If the leds of the 5000 k to replace these lamps and lanterns, space will look feel very cold.

the best way to avoid: check the specification and purchase samples.

4 lamp make color looks very boring bought

color rendering index is the ability to measure the light colors, namely the CRI. Normally, you need to CRI lamp is 80 or 90. A weakness is R9 leds ( Red) Value, because it is not included in the measurement of CRI. Ensure the R9 has more than 80, otherwise the red looks dull.

the best way to avoid: to CRI value to suppliers.

5 lights and dimmer incompatible

LED in incandescent or halogen light dimmer rise for the special light cannot achieve very successfully. In fact, at a low level, often can flicker and flash. This is because incandescent and halogen lamps for dimmer provides a standard resistance load, while the LED circuit load does not match, two sets of electronic devices are sometimes want to compete for dominance, resulting in failure of the component.

the best way to avoid: need to test LED dimmer, or add a & other; The virtual load & throughout; , such as an incandescent lamp.

6 do not check supplier

in the past few years, a large number of new LED lighting suppliers to enter the market. Therefore, it is necessary to check. For example: they are a reputable brand? It is a member of the association? How long has the company in the industry? Whether they are reputable testing institutions to test the product? They have offices in local?

the best way to avoid: look on the net, then ask around.

7 no decent warranty

suppliers give you warranty? Is the nearest warranty? Warranty period than suppliers in the industry have long? Detailed look at the details of warranty terms. Sometimes, you have to be alone in 90 days online registration to activate your warranty card.

the best way to avoid: choose reputable manufacturers, carefully read the warranty terms.

8 buy not durable lights

in the LED industry at present, people generally agree that LED the rated life is its luminous flux decay to 70% of the initial value of the work time, namely L70. For example, you might see L70 rated life is 50000 hours. In addition, the brochure is often marked more optimistic rating. And there is also a & other; Premature failure & throughout; The phenomenon.

the best way to avoid: ask them to suppliers based on L70 rating which tests.

9 no long consider

, for example, one of your lamps and lanterns in the 18 months time it broke. You make a phone call to the supplier, shall be changed, as a result, he or she said & other; We don't produce this model, we can provide the latest & throughout; 。 It is important to note that the latest may look with your ceiling lamps and lanterns is different now. To make matters worse, the manufacturer does not exist.

the best way to avoid: if lighting is key, can buy additional lamps and lanterns as backup.

10 light was dazzling

when using leds, especially pay attention to the glare problem, especially in the office. Usually, the light of LED panel will all pass to the diffuse surface of lamps and lanterns, there is too much light. Glare evaluation has a good evaluation method, that is the UGR ( Unified glare value) , the value should be under 19.

the best way to avoid: do intensity calculation, calculate the UGR; Or ask supplier to provide installation instance based on the UGR rating.

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