Vietnam LED lighting market foreground huge

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

high Technology park in ho chi minh city in early April 2011, the certification issued by the investment to the KiM Dinh can green companies and businessman Fawoo Technology $12. 3 million joint venture factories in the region in term of development and production of LED lamps and lanterns, the people's livelihood and industry joint venture vendor colleagues to sign the 'funding SHTP13 hundred shield for research and development of biotechnology and training related personnel.

SHTP, said the investments as part of the new energy industry, in accordance with the government to promote renewable energy industry development plan priority investment projects.

in the first quarter of 2011 increased SHTP 4 pieces to absorb investment case, the total registered capital 77. 6 million dollars, including the HPT ( Information and communication technology) 、Amvibiotech( Biological science and technology) , Vietnam oil and gas development courtyard and Fktech ( Energy) 。

group currently has nearly 110000 public lighting bulbs, and ho chi minh city 110000 groups of folk building lighting bulbs. Although the city government this year have been replacing new public lighting and electronic rectifier ( Ballast) Energy saving measures, but still have to pay 120 billion shield electric and about 25 billion a year of shield repair costs, binh province provincial capital in central to benevolence, has in 2006 the first investment development energy-saving public lighting systems, effective.

to kernel before the city government to set aside 6 billion shield budget every year ( About 500 million monthly shield) Pay about ten thousand groups public lighting electricity. The United Nations development program (2006 after 联合国开发计划署) And the global environmental protection fund ( GEF) Vietnam sponsored efficient public lighting exhibition project ( VEEPL) To provide technical assistance, began to invest $700000 USES efficient public lighting lamps and lanterns. VEEPL said that Vietnam is currently using about 200 million groups of all kinds of light bulbs, including extremely good points of traditional filament bulbs and extremely power-saving LED light bulb ( 50% were Vietnam local manufacturing light bulbs) 。 Efficient market of lamps and lanterns is emerging, including change of use of the rectifier filament light bulbs, T10 fluorescent lamp, etc. VEEPL on November 2011 international trade show efficient lighting lamps and lanterns, can strengthen the promotion of green lighting technology benefits.

after the VEEPL project at the end of 2011, the ministry of industry and commerce building another project to continue using highly efficient electric instead of wire core program ( Also funded by the GEF) Scheduled for 2014, widely used in LED lamps and lanterns.

the urbanization, urban infrastructure, construction has been developing rapidly The huge demand for led lighting products

in 2020, Vietnam's urbanization rate is expected to increase from the current 27% to 45. 2%. In the 2010 - During 2020, Vietnam 3 development will be in urban areas. 6. 4 billion square meters of living space, which means that every year will be about 36 million square meters of land development. Plan the implementation of the urbanization and the high-speed economic development has greatly stimulated the demand for lighting products, and a large number of indoor and outdoor lighting products. Lighting products in Vietnam market has entered a golden age. Market potential


Vietnam planning and investment of infrastructure and urban development office estimates that in the next 10 years, Vietnam will drop more than $60 billion Yu Xingjian roads, airports, ports and other public transport network.


the Vietnamese government has awarded an urban transformation plan, plan to 2020, its total investment amount is $90 billion, aims to improve the environment of the city and the reconstruction of old house area and the city center.


now, office rents in Hanoi and ho chi minh city, two cities of more than 95%. Ho chi minh city is expected in the next five years will be gradually built 500000 square meters of new offices, to provide additional 160% of office supplies. Meanwhile, a large number of new commercial and industrial park construction has been implement in ho chi minh city and surrounding areas to build, such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ba Ria & ndash; Vungτ。

the hotel/resort industry

more luxury hotels will develop to meet the demand of the international tourists. Tourism department estimated that by 2020, Hanoi will need more than 13000 for three to five star standard rooms, ho chi minh city, you need to 7000. More areas of the tourism development plan including Can Gio, Quang Nam province, Nha Trang, Vinh Thuan province, Ba Ria - Vungτ省,用于富国岛,岘港市等。

leisure and entertainment

Vietnam is the world's fastest growing entertainment and media market, in 2013 is expected to more than $2. 3 billion of revenue. At present, there are 4215 single in ho chi minh city and Hanoi, bar, disco between 1189 and 73 the cinema. Rising consumption ability, high youth population and the government's support, is expected to more leisure and recreation center will be set up in the short term.

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