What advantage LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

in our life, led lights can be seen everywhere, why it can be loved by so many manufacturers? General street lamp will reveal to us the led lamp, after all, what are the advantages?

one, itself the characteristics & ndash; — The unidirectional light, no light diffuse, make sure the light power.

2, LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical planning, LED street lamp light to the lighting area, further improve the light power, in order to reach energy-saving purpose.

three, has reached 110 - LED lights 130 lm/W, also has the very big development space, and the theoretical value of 360 lm/W. And high pressure sodium lamp luminous power was increased with the increase of power, thus, the overall LED street lamp lighting is better than high pressure sodium lamp; ( The overall smooth effect is theoretically, in fact, more than 250 w high pressure sodium lamp light efficiency is higher than LED lights) 。

4, LED street light light color is higher than high pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp only around 23, color rendering index and LED street light color rendering index reaches above 75, think in terms of visual psychology, arrived at the same brightness, LED street light illumination uniformity can be decreased by more than 20% than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

5, light failure is small, light failure is less than 3% a year, using 10 years still reach journey requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp fire failure is big, has fallen by more than 30% a year or so, therefore, the LED street light on using power planning can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

6, LED street lamp is controlled by the active energy saving device, can be completed in satisfied different times cases, most likely drop power lighting requirements, saves the electricity. Can complete computer dimming, time control, light control, temperature control, the humanized function such as active inspection.

7, long service life: be able to use more than 50000 hours, provide to ensure the quality of three years. Deficiency is to ensure the life of the power supply can't have.

eight, high light efficiency: choose & ge; More than 100 lm chips, compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamp energy saving more than 75%.

9, installation is simple: don't need to add buried cable without rectifier, such as device in light pole can directly be connected to the may be nested original lamp shell.

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