What are advantages and disadvantages LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

1, first, the most important thing is that it USES and the promptness of replacement. Perhaps a little old house in the country, the original is the bulb may be energy-saving lamps, directly replace the led bulb is very brief and fast. And because of the characteristic of the led bulb is easy to use easy replacement, when a lot of people in the new house decoration will give priority to, want to consider in the future, after all, the bad lamps and lanterns can also be very convenient to replace.

2, the second is that the light bulb, they are widely used a lot of lamps and lanterns, such as table lamp, floor lamp, pendent lamp, crystal lamp, wall lamp, sitting room use led lamp as light source. These lamps and lanterns is costly, the main capital in the lamp body, and the light source of capital is low. Choose led lamp as light source, when the light is broken, can under the condition of the low capital to replace light source, without the need for the whole lamp for repair, reduce the use of the maintenance of the capital.

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