What are the led bulbs shortcomings

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

the market about the bulb type, there are many, and also is the indispensable electrical appliances, let's living in daily life that everyone to understand whether the led bulbs? It has a defect? How to choose and buy? Small make up to answer for you!

led bulbs have defects?

buy bulb time should pay attention to the comparison of advantages and defects. What are led bulbs defects? In fact, when we find out the problem for the led light bulb features a detailed analysis, any a light bulb has defects, so let's just as selected from aspects such as photosynthetic efficiency, style, price, wick for comparison. Other also needs to consider its energy saving effect.

led bulbs to choose skills

for the choose and buy of led bulbs skills, general should pay attention to in its use voltage requirements, according to the daily life of standards, is usually used under 5 v, so we want to consider security. In order to stretch the bulb of using time, must pay attention to the radiation capability characteristic according to different brand bulb, this is very important, is also the key factors that affect the quality of light bulb.

led bulbs defects

overall, for led bulbs, energy-saving effect is good, it has the advantage of strong impact, and significant environmental characteristics. But in the use of time division also has shortcomings, such as poor heat dissipation, high damage rate, and color difference, often present a dark yellow color, give a person the feeling is not very comfortable, of course, compared with other energy-saving lamps, that there are other advantages can outweigh the defects. Therefore for led the market price, the price is not high, not high compared with other energy-saving lamps, it drive equipment is relatively more clutter.

led bulbs defect exists, different light bulb has different defects, so let's just as the comparison should be from the spectrum, the energy saving rate, voltage requirement and other details to consider, in order to pick a comfortable, does not affect the strength of the light bulb must choose good brand. When the market brand bulb is very much, we can shine from the viewpoints in the comparison of cent and luminescence brightness to comparison.

in fact, every product has its own defects, so consumers in the choose and buy the light bulb are available from multiple viewpoints to consider.

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